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1/2" Girth In 2 Months!!!


Good job

No, I hadn’t worked out. Just watched a bit of porn and tried out the new vibrator I bought for MRS V.

Girth rules dude! Love your story vs, 6” girth is a lot, congrats! Keep the good work!

Just Curious

Since you said you have only taken one day off, and often do some type of workout twice a day, is the 1/2 inch a cemented gain, or a constant state of swelling? I recommend you Take 2 days off and measure to verify you cemented your gains. This way you can guage what is giving you actual cemented gains and what might be just temporary. Not that it’s not possible, but I gain 1/2 inch after every workout, but it goes away in a day or so, and I’ve been at it for over a year. Just my 2 cents. Good luck and I hope it sticks!

I noticed my skin was a little worn on the right side so I just may take you up on this idea. I will let you know and thanks for the suggestion.


Congrats on newbie gains.

vs, how big is your girth after jelqing? Oh and congrats.

I have never measured after jelqing. However, it is getting to be a problem jelqing now because I can no longer get my fingers all the way around it when it gets semi-hard. I am sure I am not getting full benefit because my hands are too small. But that is ok. I wanted a dick that I could not reach all the way around!

Actually my dong looks longer than it does look fat after I jelq. It looks fatter after I ULI squeeze and do some Horse440s. It really looks like a big chubby then!

my jelqs are usually 2-3 seconds (i do newbie routine)

How many do you do? Johnnno?

Why am I so sceptical and maybe a little cinical about this half inch gain measure cold in two months ??

I dunno ?


I dunno either.

I took bob34’s advice and I took the last two days off. Measured again this afternoon while watching a porn while using a vibrator to make things a bit interesting and VOILLA! 6” girth still! Does that mean that it is cemented? My flacid hang is not quite what it was when working out every day but erect is the same.


I will tell you this jelqking,

My dick used to look like a fucking poisonous mushroom, the head was so big. Now the shaft has not only caught up to it, the shaft is a bit bigger now with a flacid hang. Of course when I get an boner the head swells to twice it’s size and the poisonous mushroom look comes back.

I do see and feel a big difference. It feels a lot bigger in my wife’s snatch as well…..



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