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1/2" Girth In 2 Months!!!

1/2 inch girth in 2 months sounds like HUGE gain. Is that a pumped gain measured after a workout or an unpumped measurement on a rest day.

Originally Posted by vs
It usually takes me 15 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening.

Nice gain.

Are you sure about the times? On average, the morning jelqs are 1.3 seconds per and the evening jelqs are 2 seconds per.

What’s your erection level?


excellent! Just what I’m after, dude.

I agree with you (and my wife with yours), girth is what catches there stares and turns their eyes back when you sink it into the sacred female cavity. I have conducted tests with my wife, actually look at dick pics with her and watch her reactions. She likes 6.5” x 6” the most, could take even more girth, it simply drives her nuts.

Congrats, bro, keep the work. I ‘ll get there sometime.

Yeah, I do show some discolor sometimes if I jelq slow for a long time. The right side of my dong gets bruised looking but it only lasts for about 1/2 day.
If I do a lot of Horse440s the head gets a bit discolored.

As far as fast vs slow jelqs, I like the fast ones better. I don’t have a reason, I just do. I think they work my dong better. I can feel the blood moving better.

Navarro, as far as complimenting me, Mrs V has always been very supportive on this issue. She has always told me I have a huge peter. Just tonight on the way home we were talking about porno films and she stated that she is more than happy with my big peter. The first time she saw it she said “It probably is no bigger than anyone elses but on that little body, it looks HUGE!” Those were her words exactly but then again she only had one boyfriend before me. A far as OHHHs and AHHHs go, about two weeks ago she was getting ready to give me some head and she had it standing strait up and down as I was laying on my back. She looked at it, then looked at me and then looked at it again, then gobble, gobble. She didn’t say a word but I could tell she was amazed. The last few times we have played Hide the Weenie, it has been incredibly tight. Not just upon insertion, the whole time! The first time it felt like it was sticking on something on the sides, I thought she just was not lubed up or excited enough, even though she seemed to really be getting into it. So, the next time I lubed it up and felt the same thing. I greater resistance going both in and out. Real tight. She tends to put her hands on my hips to keep me from going in too far/too fast. Her eyes get like saucers when I really drive it deep. My wife luvs to fuck and always has but she really seems to get into it nowadays. She has been real tired the past month because her business has really taken off successfully so she has not asked or talked about sex much. She is going to take two weeks off starting next week so she may get back into her normal horney self……..I hope.

Anyway, yes, things are different with a larger wanker. Yes, the looks on her face is precious when I plug that bad boy in. Yes, she does seem to appreciate getting the big wazzoo………..


That is measuring while previewing a porno I just bought today. I ALWAYS preview them before I let the wife see them. You never know what might happen in those movies and I don’t want her to get turned off by something upsetting. Anyway, I bought a new vibrator also, so I had it out and watched the porn till I got a big boner and then measured three times.


That is about right. I don’t really time them like that but that sounds right. I start off with no erection at all and it gets about 50% erect during workout. If it gets carried away, I stop and roll it between my palms like you would if you were warming up your hands. This makes it go down a bit and I start again. I may do this ever 200 or so.

Hope this helps.


Ok, I just took a bath and did my evening workout complete. It took me 22 minutes for everything. Including getting dressed. Not a bad return for my time I would say……….


V, have you tried this:

While your gripping your base, reach BTB (behind the balls) and push little bulb- thingy (I forget what it’s called) to pump more blood in the shaft. Massage the bulb thingy and kegel at the same time. That’s what I do to max out the engorgement. I’ll hold that squeeze for about 1-2 minutes. My hand gets tired very quickly.

Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgh! ~Howard Dean Illustrations & Diagrams PE -- What's it all about? Read this.

>>”I started 3 days ago, and am wondering about whether fast/slow jelqs are best and how much pressure when jelqing is best.”

Slack, this is one of those questions that fall into the “personal preference” category. I use a 3-second stroke. My pressure is the most I can handle without bruising my penis.

Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgh! ~Howard Dean Illustrations & Diagrams PE -- What's it all about? Read this.

What is horse 440? I do uli’s to and jelk squeezes, perhaps I’ll return to fast jelqing.

Thanks Ramrod. I will try this.


Great going! Congrats on your progress. I’m a couple of weeks behind you and haven’t experienced quite the same headway yet, but I’m clearly making some progress and, as you know, it’s pretty exciting. I’m about 7x5 now and my goal is 75.-7.75x5.5, which I hope to achieve by late 2005—we’ll see.

I’m really envious of your “shower” status. I’ve always hated my limp dick—to me it has always looked like something on a 10-year-old. I certainly want erect gains from my PE efforts, but a permanent increase in flaccid size would be the greatest payoff. I think I’m seeing some improvement in that department too and it really jazzes me.

I’m also a dirty talk fan and my wife has always resisted it. A few “cocks, cunts, fucks and jizzes” during our sessions would really add to my pleasure. I wonder how many women are unwilling to use sex slang. Perhaps there’s a loose correlation with the percentage who really don’t like to suck cock? Anyway, good luck in you future efforts.

Yeah, the way it hangs flacid is almost the best part because that is the part you enjoy for most of the time. Heck, I can’t imagine having a hard-on for 24 hours a day! LOL


Oh, another cool thing about this size is I can no longer get my fingers around the shaft when it is hard. I have been waiting for this to happen. Don’t be too impressed, however, because I have little hands.


Okay so its 1/2 an inch gain measured after a workout. Thats what I thought.


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