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Zits on penis

Zits on penis

Hey, I have a problem with some zits on my penis, it comes when I started the jelq,I poop it, and the day after it was a new.

What should I do, maybe I do somethings wrong, please help me if you know anything

Hey, well a while back I had sort of a pimple on mine also (I think it was a result of some body wash I used because when I used it again I got another one), only it seemed to be more than just an everyday pimple. Long story short I convinced myself it may have been a small abscess so I soaked it, cleaned it out and put a band-aid with some bacitracin ointment on it for a while. Not sure if this is your same situation or if what I did was exactly right, but it worked for me (both times). Good luck

Your dick is still experiencing puberty.

Are you sure it’s a pimple? It could just be a fordyce spot; a painless, tiny white bump that’s completely harmless. If it is, there are probably a whole lot more of them than just that one, and they’re a little less noticeable when you’re flaccid.

I recently had two of these as well.

I was a bit worried as I had never had any there before. They appeared when I had used a different moisteriser to jelq with.

Starting stats, mid december 06: FL- 10.5cm, BPFL- 12cm, EL - 15cm, BPEL- 16.5cm, EBG- 14cm

June 5th, 2008; BPEL - 19cm (7.5") , mid shaft girth - 14 (5.5")cm

Goal: BPFL - 15cm, BPEL - 21cm, EG- 16cm

What about if they really ARE zits? And they never seem to go away? -.-

Originally Posted by Springer240

And you don’t poop zits, you pop zits.

I think we may have to concur with Twatteaser for a final determination on this statement.

I was gonna say, RootCap's hot. - kitten

Originally Posted by Thatcat
Westla90069 - Would be forever indebted for an answer

Check the image, do they look anything like that?


They look like zits that would be on a face or something.

That image looks like something normal to me -.-

Originally Posted by Niveus
They look like zits that would be on a face or something.

What, if anything, are you using for lube when jelqing? Perhaps it tends to clog your pores.

Well, to be honest, it’s been there long before I even started jelqing.. But it won’t go away :(

Get your medical card and visit a doctor.

Posting pics might help someone determine what the problem is, but this way your best action would be to visit a Doc.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

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