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This is why I always make sure my guy is safe inside the boxers before zipping up. There is no need to rush to get your zipper up. (Unless you are in a mens urinal and some guy next to you is looking at you funny :S )

Originally Posted by GlandMaster
Two words - Under Pants!


“My boys need a house!” - Kramer

A book about what E.D. Or Zippers?

Well E.D. wouldn’t attract much attention outside a Gents

I wouldn’t try the method used in There’s Something about Mary. Ouch

I got my zipper stuck cus I heard my dad coming up the stairs,it hurt I had to rip away the zip,it hurt like hell but hardly bled.was really like Ben stiller,except no one came in and laughed at me!that movies great.

You know I never saw that movie, im going to rent it, because not cus I am the king. No I really don’t have delusions of grandeur, did I spell that right?
It is because I am grand that is why I have delusions. Tank flacidly into the roast dark tighty whities. And for all you peckerbraggerts. I have never got it stuck in a zipper. Because I am the king. But perhaps now I will. He! He! He!


OH YES! Peckerbraggerts of the world, I salute you! Who needs Beer when you can have insulin Lantus that is, it’s getting late I’m going to bed.


HOLD? Oooooo, that can't be good.


I saw my brother get his stuck once when he was about 5 years old. He ran out of the bathroom, crying.

It was the most horrible thing I had ever seen.

So now, I wear briefs, and when I zip up, it’s executed like a special-ops mission.

Oh poor kid, what an awful thing to happen to a child.

Here’s an oldy but goody.


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