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Zinc oxide ointment

Zinc oxide ointment

After jelqing/pumping/stretches do you think putting on the zinc ointment, will help growth and repair. Aka cell division?

Might be a dumb question or a good one I hope


I have no idea. Many have gained without any post workout balms.

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Zinc is an essential nutrient, and is a good thing to have in your diet in reasonable amounts. Are you taking a multivitamin every day? if you are, does it include zinc?

I don’t know that topical zinc has any particular benefit in PE. I don’t think it is a bad idea to put some kind of ointment or creme on your penis after PE, just because you have stressed the skin through stretching.

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I take a zinc supplement 50mg once a day

Anyone else have an opinion? =)

Why not try it after your workouts and post your results periodically? I don’t know if anyone has tried it.

Same as above. Take zinc in your diet.

For topical creams onto the penis itself, keep with oils like almond oil, or cococut oil or aloe vera or mosturiser or vitaman e cream (or one of the many others) that have positive effects for the skin.

But not too much zinc, it can be dangerous, since it lowers the amount of copper the body can absorv. The day take should be from 15mg to 40mg max.

chadbar of the 50mg you are taking, your body absorvs around 10mg of elemental zinc probably, that quantity should appear on the item label. Don’t take more than a capsule per day.

I put Vitamin E on my penis after I get out the shower post workout, helps with the healing process. I only use natural oils on my body as well, you should always moisturize after a shower.

I don’t do anything like that. Are there any reputable claims of something like this working?

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Not that I know of caboose2409, I eat a lot of red meat so I do get enough zinc.

I don’t think applying zinc cream would help promote growth as zinc is used for blood flow and sperm.

I just apply Vitamin E cream every night after my routine, I’m not sure if that helps with growth but it does keep the skin feeling soft and smooth and I do feel a little heavier in flaccid state after applying the cream.

Diaper rash ointment is the best way to prevent chafing after a shave. Put some on before you go exercise or after you shower and you’ll be kept dry down there for longer than you would if you didn’t apply any. I use one with 40 percent zinc oxide. Promotes healing and prevents chafing is the claim on the tube. Also it works great for the corona as to prevent hirsuties papillaris genitalis.

There is a fair bit of information on Zinc ointments if you do a Google search on ‘zinc ointment

Might be worth a read!

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