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Your regular Mohammed's penis

Your regular Mohammed's penis

Inspired by WrightMan and his thread /forum/en/showthread.php?t=143719

Extracted from slipstream’s thread /forum/en/showthread.php?t=143719

This aims to look at some interesting data, stuff I wanted to know when starting off. These figures can be misleading but can give you a way to set realistic goals and monitor how well you may be progressing. I would advise you read both the other threads as they explain the validity of the data as well as how it was extracted.

Slipstream used data from Thunder’s Place from “More than 8600 entries from over 3700 men”. His data was posted in 2008, so the past few years are not included. I only used his “exclusive” data where he eliminated anyone who had only one entry, and kept those with more than one entry during their stay at Thunder’s Place.

Now to the interesting stuff. These are all median figures, so rather than take the average, we are taking the person(s) who has a penis smaller than 50% of the 3700 men and larger than the other 50%. The same applies for the starting and ending penis size, the gains made and the time spent. Each one of those figures could belong to a different person.

Starting Erect Length: 6.25”
Ending Erect Length: 7.00”

Starting Erect Girth: 5.00”
Ending Erect Girth: 5.25”

Erect Length Gains: 0.59”
Erect Girth Gains: 0.25”

Time Spent in days: 225

As mentioned before, each figure listed above could belong to a separate person. Therefore rather than reading the statistics together, take a look at what you are interested in. There is plenty of data and debating on Thunder’s and all over the internet with regards to average sizes etc. I thought it interesting to find out what your regular “Mohammed” has been up to.

16.07.2011: Bpel 6.7" Eg 4.9" Fl 4.3"

08.05.2012: Bpel 7.2" Eg 5.1" Fl 5.8"


Running a Massive Co-Front.

Originally Posted by iamaru

what are you confused about iamaru??

16.07.2011: Bpel 6.7" Eg 4.9" Fl 4.3"

08.05.2012: Bpel 7.2" Eg 5.1" Fl 5.8"

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