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Your opinion regarding pumping

Your opinion regarding pumping

Hello friends!

I am new to this forum and would like to share with you a recent exchange of PE exercises with a Middle Eastern guy (co-worker) who claims his tribe has been utilizing the jelq technique for more than 10 centuries. I asked him whether he jelqs or not. He said he used to jelq but now he uses a manual pump! He said the concept is the same, the ultimate purpose behind the jelq is to force blood into the penis in order to create pressure and thus expansion. So instead of using your hands to jelq for hours, one could use the pump where it forces blood and also traps the blood for hours if needed. By repetition the penis will grow drastically.

I asked him about clamping and he didn’t know what it was. When I explained the process, he said the concept is also similar to pumping. He said if you want to trap blood in the penis for long periods of time, then you can achieve the same pressure using pumping. He claims that his tribesmen back in the Middle East are using the manual pumps exclusively and gains in length and girth have been phenomenal within his tribe.

His pumping routine: warm-up for 5 minutes (wet warm cloth); manual stretching for 10 minutes; 3 – 15 minute pumping with couple of minutes rest (he calls it blood flow) in between. He does that day on – day off.

I thought to share with you my co-worker’s take on PE.


How much has he gained?

I think the jelq is simple the staple to all PE. Some day, when I get tired of all this routine changing and crap, and mmy dick is 2 years conditioned or so, I will screw all this other crap and jelq for 30 min a day just like the people who did this a thousand years ago.

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Read posts in the Pumper’s Forum. There are not many there who do not think that pumping works.

And, yeah. Interesting first post. At work do you guys just sort of launch into talks like this?



Hi zarka,

Do you know why the tribal guys are PE-ing there “totumpole”?
I guess it’s a status thing. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Somehow I think the pressure that you build up by clamping is more intense then the one by a vacuum-pump. Although I have no pumping experience I have tried clamping, and clamping is so intense that I now truly believe it’s something only the true vets in PE should consider. I thought my willy was ready for clamping. Man what was I wrong. Now my willy suffers from ED. I stop doing PE a few days ago and luckily my willy seem to recover.

I’m off going to lurk in the Pumper’s Forum.

Hello friends,

Let try to answer your questions in this reply. I work for a large oil company that employs many nationalities, including my co-worker who is from a country called Oman, off the Persian Gulf. Believe me, I don’t normally discuss PE at work but once I learned about the jelq technique and it’s origins, some say it’s an Arab technique, I sort of asked my co-worker, who’s an Arab, if it’s true! He didn’t know what jelq was but after I explained to him jelq is another name for milking the penis, he said his tribe back in Oman performs the “milk” technique. And yes, people over there live in tribal communities and have a leader and so forth.

I don’t know his measurement but I did send him a link to this forum and asked him to become a member in order to share his heritage with everyone. It would be very interesting to say the least!

As to why they perform the jelq technique, he alluded to the fact that the male could merry up to 4 women. I guess they would require strong sexual abilities to satisfy their wives!


I really can’t tell if this is genuine or not, but it definitely is fascinating!

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