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Your opinion on the best penis stretcher

Your opinion on the best penis stretcher

Quite keen on giving a stretcher a go. Ideally one that can be used comfortably and discretely during my everyday tasks such as work and generally other things. Already well under way with my PE program and impressed with better erection quality already, so that’s a big booster. Obviously not going to run away with excitement and dive into heavy duty PE at this stage but I’d really like to extend my stretching periods to see if I can gain any positives from that aspect. So please, let me know of any penis stretching devices that have good reviews or your own satisfaction.

Thanks a lot,

I like Autoxleeve

I like AutoXleeve. It doesn’t hurt. The pulling force is more spread out. They also sell a regular extender but with a comfort pad. I tried other extender but they hurt. Some one also mention to use some gauze or tape around the head to prevent discomfort. I think they are all pretty much the same.

Home-made is the best, and CHEAPEST!!!

6.7" BPEL , 5.2"EG Clamped (That Massive Cock Head is making me nuts!!!)===> 30/12/2015 Measurment

I don’t really think it matters which one, as long as it stretches your dick.

Attachment is probably the big difference, some leaning towards action x and other action y.

I use a silicone strap, some people complain about it not being comfortable.

Granted I haven’t tried the suction devices, since strapping with gauze works for me.

.. They all seem to have slightly different straps and comfort systems though. My X4 is pretty good but it’s expensive. I also have a VLC tugger because the comfort strap slips and I like to change it up because the noose is.. Tiring (I sometimes use the foam cover, and sometimes wrap with a bandage and strap over that). I also have a Penimaster Pro on order which will give me another option, and I’m excited about that, but don’t yet have it so I can’t comment.

I have no interest, skill, or time for making my own — and I wouldn’t want to get something too cheap and flimsy just to save a few bucks. I’d say that I’ve spent way too much money, however, if my wife hadn’t told me that I’m hitting new spots.

There have been quite a few discussions about different rigs here that can be found with the Search utility. But I have no idea what is the best value for money if you aren’t a do it yourself kind of person.

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