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Your newbie reasons for starting PE


Originally Posted by Gladius22
Nice. The big round Latina ass is, IMHO, the absolute ideal target for a big cock. I hope that she’s pleased with your gains. BTW, some of what I’ve read suggests that Asians are pretty quick gainers. Anyone know if this is true or just a coincidence that a few Asian guys have had success here?

I do not know if there is correlation between fast gains and being Asian. I merely mentioned that I am Asian because of all the “Asians have small penises” saying.

Originally Posted by psychosadistik
Hey, we should pair up and keep each other in check. We both have similar reasons and about the same time frame. That plus it’s good to see another Asian-American in here. Good luck on your journey bro.

And to GLADIUS22, I have not heard about Asians being quick gainers, but I personally have made some gains fairly quickly. In just two weeks I have made an eight of an inch gain. Main not be a big gain, but it is still a gain.

I will keep an eye on the log you have up in the “Progress Reports/Personal Routines” section. I hope you stay the course, because I plan to!

In the last 1.5 months I did no warm up sets, only 30 minutes of dry jelqs with a near fully erect penis, preferring the overhand technique. I was very heavy handed and made sure that I felt the sensation of blood crawling up my shaft with every jelq.

Currently, I’m heeding the wisdom of Big Gainer Speaking to Big Gainer soon, and working out for myself a more extensive, diversified routine:

5 mins warm up (hot water from shower head).
20 mins slow, looser grip jelqs.
10 mins manual V-stretches up, down, and to the sides.

Same routine as morning

Good luck!

Hey guys,

Good to see everyone is putting in their reasons, hopefully everyone will eventually reach their goals through some hard work and dedication!

Happy Gaining!

You know, to be honest, it’s just a selfish desire to see my dick be bigger in my hand. No real girl problems or traumatic experiences, though I always get off more on porn where the guy has a big dick, and I’d like to replicate that in real life. I started out at 6.7x5, a month and a half later at 7.1x5, still no girth gains though and that’s a big part of what I’m really interested in, simply feeling it bigger in my hand.

Bigger in the hand certainly is a good thing to aim for, I might add that to my goals if you don’t mind ridley :) Plus if it’s big in your own hand imagine how it will seem in a nice petite chicks hand ;) Yeah that’s a good thought.

Happy Gaining!

The last 13 years I’ve watched more porn then I have been with a girl. It messed up my view of the true average because the average pornstar is still big.

I also live with the idea that girls prefer a bigger dick, the bigger the better. I have become obsessed by this and searched more porn with big dicks eventually having entirely screwing up my view of the average cock.

My johnson is NBPEL 6,2 and average Girth 5,4 inches. I have a relationship of 10 years and my girl likes it when I wear a cockring, my dick gets to NBPEL 6,4 and 5,55 girth, becoming as hard as steel with hard nasty looking vains all over and she’s loving it.

Because of this I think bigger is better up to a certain point. It’s all in my head, I know, but I have to end the hunger for a bigger dick by satisfying my psyche.

My reason: watched too much porn where black dudes are having sex with beautiful blonde chicks + I have only 4 girlfriends,and only one of them complimented me about sex not because of dick but because of duration(I can do it for 3-4 hours) and another one was clearly disappointed though she didn’t say anything directly to me.

Originally Posted by APerfectBody
I’ve already gained about .75” from 1.5 months of casual PE. I think I’m a fast gainer, we will see the kind of significant gains I will achieve from more consistent PE workouts.

Be very careful in instituting changes in your routine in that what ever you are currently doing is giving you gains of 1/2 per month. Congratulations and keep us posted.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

I just want to see it bigger, self confidence reasons I guess.

The Current Goal - BPFL:4.5, BPEL:7, EG:5.5

As of Nov 8, 2008 - FL:3.75, FG:4, BPFL:4, EL:6.25, EG:4.375, BPEL:6.5

My Pics and Progress Thread

I’m basically a skeptic. I go through cycles where my email seems to be filled with messages about increasing your size. After a while, I got curious about whether this is really possible. Until I came across Thunder’s Place, I was pretty sure that PE was simply a bunch of conn-artists praying of our insecurities. Thunder’s Place has convinced me that increasing size may actually be possible.

I’m sort of an all or nothing extremist. I’ve set up a record keeping system, worked a lot on getting consistent measurement, established a routine that I do every day, and committed to a 36 month experiment. (I told you I was a bit extreme. :-)

I’m really glad to see some stats that start a sub-6”. If I had the starting size some have, I probably wouldn’t be doing this.

So why am I doing it? Curiosity, optimistic skepticism, and I’d like to be larger. Just for myself.

Thanks sharing, your support, and a lot a great information.

I only want to improve my sexual health. I use a DTR for foreskin restoration and I do a lots of Kegels to gain harder erections. I’m happy with my penis size. Afer all, I don’t want to be a porn star, only a good lover for my girlfriend.

Excuse me for my bad english

Greetings from Spain

Originally Posted by Rabok
I only want to improve my sexual health. I use a DTR for foreskin restoration and I do a lots of Kegels to gain harder erections. I’m happy with my penis size. Afer all, I don’t want to be a porn star, only a good lover for my girlfriend.
Excuse me for my bad english
Greetings from Spain

Cool I was going to use a DTR, any good? I’m doing a full restore when I reach a certain length.

Currently 6.5 NBP 5.5EG.

Well I have a few reasons for starting PE.

Primary one is that, I was a little larger in the past. I’m fairly certain that I lost some of my dong’s size when I came down with pneumonia that was borderline hospitalizing, and knocked me out for two weeks. Hell, that sickness is also why I had to drop my first semester of school at my current university. From what I recall, I was somewhere between 6.5” and 7.25” long, not too sure on girth, I’d say it was little less than a red bull can, or around the size of the top of a standard sized everyday bar, shot glass.

Secondary, I fooled around with jelqing long ago when I was in high school and just out of high school; I somewhat recall having some minor gains, but lost focus, and didn’t have the privacy necessary for regular exercising; And now that I do have the time and privacy for a steady routine, I hope to have some real gains.

Additionally, I have a “jes-extender” if I remember the name correctly. That I bought somewhere in Austin, Texas at a porn-shop that was going out of business (oh the horror!) and saw the device under the counter, asked the clerk about it, and decided to go ahead and splurge on buying it, which I later found out I bought at something like a 60% discount. I’ve used it a few times and remember feeling/being larger from using it, slightly. As again, now that I have the time and steady privacy, I plan to use it regularly. Oh, nearly forgot to mention, the main reason that got me interested in the device initially, was the clerk mentioned that it can correct curvature in the dick, and since I have a slight one, I was excited about the prospect of removing the curve. :D

I really hope to have a 8”x6” or a 9”x6.5”-7” someday, hopefully, within the next 18 months, if at all possible.


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