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Your newbie gains

Your newbie gains

I want to know what most people got with their newbie routine, within a space of 3 to 12 months let’s say. If you got excellent gains, can you please say why you think you got them? And if you modified your routine please mention so.

Well I’ve been doing my routine which is a newbie routine for about 3 months now, and i started gaining after the first month.
I’m still on the same routine as it still gives me gains. The gains are slow, but steadily coming.

I currently do:
3 training days, 1 day off
Every other day kegels.
2 times 30 second stretches in all directions
90 3-second jelqs
Warmup/down also obviously:)

Most important thing is consistency, since you actually want to stretch the ligaments and not cutting them any slack, otherwise they just become stronger and you won’t gain.
Other thing I’ve noticed is that you will feel your stretching alot more intense when you warmup less. (If I fully warm-up, I won’t feel a thing from the stretches, if I warmup half I do feel them)

Hope it helps!

That sounds good. I personally think I give myself too many rest days, because I’m really paranoid about breaking my penis haha. So I usually jelq one day then rest the other. But I’m sure I have to be consistent. I’ve been jelqing for about a month and I don’t like to measure until it is 3 months down the line, but I can safely say I should be having less rest days if I want to be realistic about gains. It feels like I’ve gained maybe 1cm and a bit of girth because when I grab my penis it feels very solid and when I can grab it with to hands, I can see the top coming out a bit more than usual.

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