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Your measurements & actual responses from women

Originally Posted by Tenbris

I too feel small sometimes. I dont like to feel that way but yeah I do. 6.5 x 5.5 is good to have but sometimes you look at it and is not enough.

That was my starting size. Statistically that places you in better than the top 5%.

Originally Posted by brainhans

… 7x5.6…Do any of you know a pornstar/actor with this size?

A lot of them actually.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Originally Posted by kr21
Same size, its just because we’re in that range between large and medium. Women aren’t sure from looking. Once its inside them its a different story. I bet 10,000 if you try to have rough sex with any woman like a porn star she will tap out. Unless she’s a real size queen, who likes 9x6 and above

7,8 x 5,5+ is large. Its between large and huge. Im at that size and 95% of woman , if at all, will never have a bigger dick in her hand ever.
Espacially older honest woman with experience and no major insecurities are telling me Im huge and they never had a bigger one.
Fatter yes, longer maybe, but never both at the same time.
Once you reach 8x6 the probabilitys of any woman getting a bigger dick in their whole lifetime are miniscule.

When woman are with their friends they all talk shit about huge cocks making everyone double the size.
They watch porn with maximum huge cocks with all the B.S cameras and then talk about how this and that guy was at least that size…blablabla
They have basicly no clue at all.


You are totally right !

“Fatter yes longer maybe but never both at the same time “

So the key is VOLUME . That is what makes a dick big or not . Not lenght alone or girth alone . Both = Volume

A 7x6 dick is bigger than a 8x5 dick

I think I’ve had one girl insinuate I’m big. Most always bring up bigger previous partners. The last two I’ve been very rough with. (They like rough) and were able to take it. I haven’t really bottomed out on many so its weird for me to hear a lot of dudes say they are too big for their SO at like 6”. I just want to have plenty for any chick. Not all of it has to be used so having a buffer would be nice. Besides it would take less work I think with more length as you wouldn’t have to be as aggressive.

Have not been with many women (was married for 20 years) but she never complained or for that matter complimented my cock which is why I’m now divorced.

New gf has had more partners than me circa 20 and she says or has said that I’m large (currently at 7 3/8 x 5 3/8. Been hitting her cervix since I started PE.

She hasn’t said anything about previous partners but I don’t think her cervix had been hit before as she was pretty shocked when it happened. Lately she has said I feel bigger in her mouth ( girth) which is cool as all of my PE is in secret.

May 2014 BPEL 7 3/8 EG 5 1/4

Goal 7 1/2 NBPEL 5 3/4 EG no deadline just enjoying the ride and taking any progress as a massive achievement

5 girls have seen my dick and 4 of them have said it is small, 1 said nothing.

At 6.25 by 4.75 I am pretty much the statistical average.

I have mentioned PE to the wife before and she thinks I am silly as she is happy with the sex. She has said it is small before many times.

How can you stay with her after she says something like that? She said your dick is small, multiple times, and you stay with her?

I just couldn’t do it man. She has to know that hurts to hear.

5.8x5.5NBP before PE

A few girls commented on my dick in a positive way, one said it was giant but I took it like she was joking, and I know she had seen a few ones before me, a few other said it was big and one of them made a big fuss about it, she was like it was the biggest cock she’d ever seen, she wanted to show my cock to everybody, it was very funny and also I’ve had comments that my dick is thick with that size.

Also a few ones haven’t said anything, but it’s ok to me, I remember this girl she said I was average but I think she said it because I’m very confident about myself and always showing myself that way and she kind of was trying to get me down I guess, because when I fucked her she could only stand it like 5 minutes because of the pain, she afterwards was always soared even doing it gently which I did every time.

6.3x5.8NBP after PE

I’ve only done it with one girl after PE, when she saw it said it was very big, that it was very thick and also that she wasn’t expect me being “that big”, she also said what it made my cock big it was its thickness, the funny part I bottomed out this girl, she’s been the only one I’ve bottomed out, I think i had only .5” out in the cold.

I know I’m above average and I’m pretty confident about myself not only in the dick department, so if a girl said my cock is average or small I wouldn’t believe her and that would be like a permission to me to be a bit aggressive when fucking her because I would assume she can take it easily and without pain (I’m always gentle at first just to see if they can handle it with ease).
I also know I’m not very big or anything and that many girls have had bigger dicks than mine but that doesn’t make my cock smaller, it would be still the same size and ready to make girls very happy.

I’ve read almost the whole thread and I agree with some members saying that American girls tend not to say anything positive even when having a huge dick in front of them, they behave like bitches (not all of them of course but it looks like the norm), guys here with penises way larger than mine not getting any type of comments or even negative ones, that’s fucked up.
I think this way maybe because I’m also very verbal and I like to talk and say nice things to girls, always trying to say how much I love certain part of their bodies or how they do something, but every culture and person is different.

Start: Feb 11th 2013 Initial stats: BPEL: 16.9cm (6.65") EG: 14cm (5.51")

Fotos iniciales Fotos 1 año PE

Tamaño del pene y estadísticas interesantes

This is a never ending subject, so disputed since the beginning of this forum.
According to Kamasutra, men and women come in 3 sizes. Small, average and large.
A woman’s perception about size usually differs from the ruler. And it is usually bigger, because of the feeling inside. But, I am sure that many size queens would consider a 6incher a small toy.
For the average woman, the average penis is ok. If she is involved in a relationship, and loves her partner, she will tell her partner/husband that his 6inches is big/huge.
She will say this because she does not want to hurt his feelings.
Would you tell your lady that she has small tits and big ass? Maybe this is true, maybe she knows it, but you will encourage her.
So, right now I am around 5.8 - 6.0 NBP and 6.8 - 7.0 BPEL, with 5.2 e.g.
And I never received feed backs from one night girls, who told me that my size is fair, the size is ok. That is considered average or small:)

But from all my ex girlfriends I got positive feedback. In my present relationship, she is always telling me that it is thick.

Another thing would be her size. You get many girls complaining about your average size (5-6inches), telling you, “wow, that is SO big, I do not know if I can handle it” because of their complexes.
And because they want you to get the idea that they have a small pussy (which is not always true)
Just like us (we all want to have a big dick), they want to have a small pussy, nice ass and big tits.

7.1 x 5.1 and growing! Final goal: seeking celebrity:) ) 8x6

May I just add, that your “presence” with women will have a lot to do with their perception of you and your perceived size.
This doesn’t mean being an arsehole, it means filling the space you occupy.. when you exhibit a fear of any type, or a lack of confidence, you become less than the physical space you take up
and women will instinctively notice this.

For example,
Recently a group of us did BDSM demonstrations over a weekend that coincided with a Sex/sextoys exhibition.. There were quite a few “twinks”, a term we use
to describe late teen/early twenties male body bodybuilders, (no offense intended to members that fit this demographic). Over and over during conversations with couples and
singles they referred to these guys as “trying too hard” etc. When I pressed for a more complete description almost all of them said they simply didn’t back up their physiques
with presence.

A guy with a huge cock, but no presence will do worse with a woman than the other guy who is quietly confident with himself, and is able to convey that presence, but not as large.


Was - NBPEL 6.5" BPEL 7.5" MSEG 5.5" Now - NPBEL 8.1" BPEL 8.7" MSEG 6.3"

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I’m 7” by 5.5” and every woman I’ve been with has commented on the fact that my penis is large. Some say huge. One even said gargantuan.

At my previously 6x5 most girls said I had a big dick. Even my last girlfriend who was a raging slut (No disrespect that’s part of why I liked her) said it was big and she sleeps with NFL players.

I don’t believe them because women love to cater to the male ego and they are really good at it.

I’ve watched too much porn. Now its subconsciously embedded in my mind that every dude who isn’t me has a bigger dick.

Just the other day my buddy handed me his phone and said look at this chick I banged. So I looked and it was a pic of her holding his dick and ill be damned if his dick isn’t close to 8x6. I think that was the catalyst which brought me here.

Yeah, so until mines that big, those thoughts will always be rolling around in the shadows of my mind.

Originally Posted by Averageblack
How can you stay with her after she says something like that? She said your dick is small, multiple times, and you stay with her?
I just couldn’t do it man. She has to know that hurts to hear.

I completely agree.

My current girlfriend of 6 years says I’m the perfect size (6.3 BPEL; 5.5 MSEG) But she “gets off” a lot more when we play with much bigger toys (8x6). I’ve been with a girl who loved to mention her previous partners were a lot bigger (7”+ EL), but in a moment of weakness, she told me I was the best she’d ever had so far. I chalked it up to emotion rather than motion..

Others haven’t really mentioned anything, but there was one girl where we struggled to make things “fit” when we first tried.

I did 1 jelq, why am I not 12" yet.

On hiatus

Before PE. : 6.8 X 4.3 Most of women said nothing or that my unit was “long and thin.”

Now : 7.5X4.7 they just say “long”

Hope one day to be called “quite big” (8X5,2)

Start 01/01/09 6.8"BPEL(17,2cm) 4.3"MEG (11cm) Off 01/01/10 at 7.0"BPEL(17.7cm) 4.5"MEG (11.4cm). Back in PE after 4 years off - Back to NB routine the 03/01/2014 at 7.0"BPEL(17.7cm) 4.6"MEG (11.7cm)

Now :7.5"BPEL X 4.6 EG :/ Short Term Goal 7.3"X5" (lenght reached !) Long Term Goal 7.5"X5.5" : hard! (length achieve, desperate about poor girth). New goals : ST: 7.7X4.75 LT: 8X5.1

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IMO Penis size is something purely psychological and affects men, only.
Women have no idea, as was said before in the thread, of a man’s size and will only notice if it’s huge or small. Someone said, as well, that from 5 to 8 she will only think “average”.

When I say it affects men it’s because unless you are fucking a total size queen, the quality of the sex won’t be determined by your dick’s size, but your behaviour, confidence, care, maybe stamina, etc.
Some will say these things only matter when in a relationship, I disagree.

I am not very old, but I got a nice military job at the age of 17, that made me get my financial ?independency? very early so I was able to do whatever I pleased without many concerns by that age already. Thus, I had sex with a lot of girls (even for the luck of being in a nice rank) and went to, what we call in Brazil, a swing club for a couple of years. Not sure if that’s the name of it around the world, but it’s a place where you have a nice night club with people in the mood for orgy.
So, from my experience in this place, which I went with a female friend (Men can only enter if he is part of a couple, so that there’s not too many men. Women are free to enter alone), is that dick’s average is really not that big as I thought from watching countless porns. Although there were some monsters there I wouldn’t even get near, the average is what I thought before was “small”. My BP 6.7 x 4.9 did not disappoint me in regards of size in comparison to the others, but that WAS NOT what people were worried there or anywhere else.

Despite my average dick, which no one ever said anything about (not big, nor small), I was almost always complimented about the sex! Girls enjoyed the way I treated them (even in a swing club, guys who think they just need to stick their dick out and put it in some girl’s hole are not welcome). I even heard once, when my friend, another girl and I were resting and chatting after a nice sex we had (this time in a hotel room) and the girl said I was made for threesome sex and my friend replied I was made for sex, period. That, gentlemen, were a better compliment than anything they could say about my dick, I felt like if I had one of those tentacles from jap porn it wouldn’t be better. Haha

On the other hand, we always want more and I am not different. I wanted a bigger dick because of myself. I would feel better if I showed my girl next time we get together a massive 8x6 in my pants, that’s how I got here. But the important point is: if you are a good “fucker” and you treat your girl nicely (or any girl you hang out with), your dick is (unless it’s a real micropenis) unimportant. My sexlife with the one I love and wish to marry one day is amazing, my penis’s size concerns me, and me alone, and I am aware of that.

Your dick’s size is your problem, only. If you are not a jerk, you are doing PE only for yourself.


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