Your first time use results

Ok, so how about the first time you actually put all of that hard PE work into practice with a little sexual healing. How did it go? Did your partner notice? And if she did, did what she say motivate you at all??

The reason I’m posting this is because, well, this happened earlier today for me. I’m in a relationship, and I have been for 3 years yesterday. I just started PE about three weeks ago, and I’m not gonna measure for about 2 months. Due to conflicting schedules, my girlfriend and I have not been able to see each other that much, so we didn’t have sex for about 3 weeks until today.

I guess at this point I should mention my workout. I’m happy with my girth and I’m 6 in. BPEL. I have been doing a lot of stretches and low erection jelq’s to increase my length. Unfortunately I chose to abstain from masturbation, so I haven’t seen my dick hard for about a month.

So, short and sweet, we start, about 20 minutes in she pulls me closer, and I start to go all the way in. I like to use the easing in method, inch at a time, so it seems like your dick is forever long. So, I get all the way in, and she starts convulsing. Legs shaken, moaning loud(we’re in my dorm and it’s 3 in the afternoon, lol). So anyways, she cums twice which is awesome because she’s never came from intercourse, I always have to go down. And I finish about 45 mins. In, and she stares at me and says “Wow, that felt so good. It was so deep inside me. How did you do that?’

I kept that answer to myself, he he.

But anyways, share your stories!