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Your experience with PE what you did to overcome

Your experience with PE what you did to overcome

Hard penis, foreskin tight, upward curve

Did you really start a thread on this?

Yeh l’m sorry dude but l need help from someone whos had this problem

There threads with people asking for help with this but the answer is not clear l guess it might be clear for some but it’s not for me l’ve tried jelqing dry jelq stretching but nothing is happening

Tight foreskin: pumping, jelqing, hanging should work.

Upward curve: stretching and extenders could help in the long run, but don’t expect miracles.

Hard penis : not clear why this should be a problem. Wait some years and you’ll have the adverse issue. ;)

Well the hard penis means l can’t stretch when l want because it gets irritating when yoour trying to do bends and stuff and it feels like any jelqing while hard is a waste cause it so you think it can’t stretch.

Thanks dude

Jelqing and stretching are very different exercises - jelqing is about moving blood in your semi-erect penis, stretching about pulling your flaccid penis. Bends, if you mean erect bends you shouldn’t do them if you are a newbie. If you are too horny to do jelqs and stretches, than try masturbating before your PE session.

I guess because marinera has been the block a few times he understood what you were asking, but dude, you have to be more specific. When you ask someone what they have done to overcome a hard penis, a majority, myself included, will ask what’s wrong with a hard penis?

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