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Your advice for me?

Your advice for me?

Hi all!

I am quite new here and I am very happy to have found a forum which is serious about gaining length/girth. I have found lots of tips on different methods and I have also chosen a few of them to start with. As I get more experienced I guess I´ll be able to decide what method works for me or not.

I am mainly interested in gaining girth, although length wouldn´t hurt either. So could someone please point me in the right direction to gaining girth. Clamping seems to be an easy method considering that the clamp is small and easy to remove if necessary. But I am not sure.

Lengthwise I have the possibility to wear something all day long since I sit by my desk all day. I have tried some devices of my own, but I can´t wear them for any length of time since it stops my blood flow to the head. Any suggestions on an all day easy-to-wear stretch device?

Thanks in advance!


Howdy kundun

Welcome to the forums.

I’d suggest staying with the basics of jelqing and stretching for a while, let your dick build up some tolerance.

I can’t think of any device you could wear on your dick all day long without impairing blood flow. Maybe someone else will chime in with a suggestion.

Postatem obscuri lateris nescitis.

I agree start slow…..don’t expect to grow over night…. :)

As for girth I’ve been having luck with horse squeezes.

Thanks for your replies!

Yes, I´ll try to start slow (although i´m kinda an all-or-nothing guy) and work towards solid gains. But I am pretty sure that I´ve seen an old post about it a week ago. Just can´t seem to find it now. I tried the drumstick-method today and it felt much better than jelqing so maybe that´s for me :)

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