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Young PE'ers

Young PE'ers

I have just recently turned 18 and have read numerously that age does not effect penis size. I have been doing PE for about 4 months now and I have been gaining size and learning how to prevent ejaculation. Sometimes when I read threads it feels like it doesn’t apply to me due to my age. I do not hang or clamp yet but I am considering it, but I don’t think I would pump. I was just wondering if any of the younger guys in here have any routines that have really shown results. So any young men in here explain your situation and what has been on the top of your list for PE.

I don’t think age has any effect on results you obtain from PE other then I wish to hell I had done this 30 years ago. But since I am an old fart that likes to pump, I will let the young guys inspire you.

I’m young and witnessing quite rapid increases in length and girth. Personally, I think the younger you are the quicker the increases as the tissue rebuilds quicker - and you’re less prone to life-long injuries - when you’re younger. As I’m a beginner, I only perform jelqs, stretches, and do some edging (though I was taught how to ‘edge’ a few years previously). I tend to exercise 2 to 3 times daily, each session lasting around half an hour.

One problem we youngsters have is while jelqing we’ll get boners very quickly, so it’ll slow down our exercises – though I hear this will be less of a problem over time, as the penis gets used to the exercises.

Not sure I agree. I’m showing good gains despite being a bit older.

I think it has more to do with your particular body’s ability to adapt. I have always been able to shape up quickly at the gym: I once took 4 month off exercise due to injury but bounced back into shape pretty quickly. Some people don’t seem to have the ability to do that.

Perhaps you’re right then. ;)

I don’t think age makes a difference.

What makes a difference is a healthy body and mind, and consistency.

Everyone will gain differently, even identical twins.

No two people will do the exercises EXACTLY the same, so again, this affects gains.

I think we should stop even trying to find a correlation between age/height/nationality etc and potential gains, because in my opinion, it’s a fruitless endeavour.

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I totally agree that age does not affect how rapidly growth occurs, I was simply asking the young people at thunders to share any success routines or stories.

You asked for the opinion of the young, you get old farts like me and gprent chiming in. The boners you are having may hinder your jelqing, but later when you start working girth they will be a blessing. You’ve got time on you side,kido, the one thing us old farts most envy.

Good luck

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