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You take what you can get.

You take what you can get.

Now that I am getting older I noticed my penis wasn’t as big as it used to be. Since I don’t take things laying down I decided to investigate and ended up here.

I have been doing it and reading before I got into PE. I was never too concerned about lenght. My goals are :

1. Get more girth. I always thought it would be cool the have a Beer Can dick bulging in my jeans. Also asking my wife, “Is it too wide for you? let me get some more ky.”:D

2. Control premature ejaculations. I figured when I got older this would go away. But 50% of the time when I am in PE, as soon as I get full erect I big load comes shooting all over the place. I never had any problem with a powerful load. I would like to maintain a full erection for like a half hour. It is either soft or I am shooting like a valcano. I just can’t control it.

When I first started (3 weeks ago)I measured in at 6.25— just before I shot my load by the way. Didn’t mean to. Last night after I got cleaned up with my wet jilqs I was laying in bed. I noticed that I could touch the head of my cock to my belly button. Hmmm , I never could do that before.

So this morning I measured it. 7”. When I was 19 I could on a good day push 7”. But the chubbiness ain’t coming yet. And no control yet. Oh Yeah my sack is dropping. Probably because it is working overtime making all of that precum.??

If you vets have any suggestions on the two stated goals it would be appreciated.

Interesting, in 3 weeks you went from 6.25 to 7, what did you did, only wet jelqs?, by the way congratulations dude.

BPEL 7.00 in (17.7cm) WANT 8 in (20cm)

Originally Posted by lui80
Interesting, in 3 weeks you went from 6.25 to 7, what did you did, only wet jelqs?, by the way congratulations dude.

I do a lot of streches too. Plus kegels.

Basically I got it back up to my former self.

A reason why your gains happened so quickly is probably because your body is just making up what you lost in terms of natural shrinking as you got older, meaning that it didn’t have to create any new tissue, but rather, it was just re-adjusting to your earlier size, which you always had the natural capacity for.

Welcome monument,

Many guys new to PE find that their penis has retreated, so to speak, and some see what seems to be a gain early on. As they begin to condition their penis, it responds by becoming fuller and by having harder erections that “straighten out the kinks” which allows it to once again reach a length once reached in the past. It sounds like this might have happened to you.

I say this not to denigrate your new length, but to let others know that 3/4” in three weeks is not the norm. Now that your penis is back to where it was when you were 19 any extra inches you get will definitely be due to your hard work at PE.

EDIT: Looks like Ash and I had the same idea, but he types faster than I do. :D


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