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You need to put in the time.

You need to put in the time.

I have seen this phrase repeated by PE vets in response to newbies wondering about how much time it takes to gain 1 inch.

The newbie routine is 30 minutes in duration.
Assuming an average gain of 0.5 inches in the 1st 3 months from the newbie routine, one would need an additional 0.5 inches to hit the magical 1 inch mark.

Is 45 minutes enough?
1 hour?

Your input is appreciated.

Nobody knows this answer. Bumping up the time of the newbie routine wont make the gains come twice as fast. Start off at the recommended time, and if gains dry up, thats when you move up the time. After a couple months, bump up the intensity. There isn’t a fast way to PE, it will take time over months, in some cases years. If you stick with it and dont get yourself injured by getting to excited with PE, gains will come, but nobody knows how much.

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