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You have a small penis.

Right On , can’t Wait for the next chapter.

The Older The Fiddle The Sweeter The Tune

Shit, I sure am glad I didn’t see a thread like this back in 2008 when I joined, because I would have never gave PE a thought with you only getting a 0.2” gain in 1 year. Were you doing the newbie routine during this year, and if so, were you doing it half assed? I did the newbie routine for 5 months in 2008 and I didn’t gain anything. Looking back at that time I can say I didn’t gain because I fucked around doing it half ass. Try again with some dedication to getting bigger. Hell I decide to give PE another try, so I purchased an ADS and I have gained a lot from it alone.

Also, I PE just because I personally think my dick is small. My wife has never mentioned anything about my size and I give her a good fucking every time we get busy, so my performance isn’t weak. I just do it for myself because the satisfaction of having a huge dick that can please any type of woman would be a awesome feeling. Hey, my wife might leave me one day. She is happy with my dick, but if we ever got a divorce, the next woman I meet might not be happy with my dick. You know, I bottom my wife out with my dick, but I have been with other women with holes that seem endless. Girth is another thing. I have talked to a lot of drunk women that say a fatter dick feels better. Really, I had lady tell me that she wants a dick where she can wrap her fingers around it to form a nice “c shape” with her fingers. I knew I could never compete with a lady like that, but she might be a rare breed too. Well, I gotta get back to my beer. Have fun and give PE another chance.

I’m a loser baby so why don’t you kill me

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We have a negative Nancy. I’ll tell you what, partner, a woman can feel a half inch difference. If it isn’t worth it to you, then spend your precious time with something else. :-)


Hilarious and true. Great post.

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Makes absolute sense!! Now leave me alone so I can gain that extra inch will you!

I’m starting to find this very depressing and frustrating. I can’t believe guys with 6.5 inches or 7 isn’t enough. Try having one thats 4.5 inches fully erect. I have pe ed up to around 5.5 inches. Gosh thats not enough? I don’t know if it will grow any larger, but will keep trying.

Originally Posted by aegi
I’m starting to find this very depressing and frustrating. I can’t believe guys with 6.5 inches or 7 isn’t enough. Try having one thats 4.5 inches fully erect. I have pe ed up to around 5.5 inches. Gosh thats not enough? I don’t know if it will grow any larger, but will keep trying.

It is plenty enough buddy! Don’t worry or concern yourself with what others want, it’s not a competition. It’s human nature to be greedy and always want more and us guys to a certain extend to take this PE hobby as competition sometimes.

But you should be very thankful you gained that inch. The majority of people in the world don’t know about PE so forever have whatever size they got naturally. You added an extra inch onto your unit. Think of it being the glass half full and I personally think 5 and a half inches is plenty enough to please :)

Originally Posted by Tristeza
You have a small penis. That’s right, I said it. In fact, you have the smallest penis you have ever known, will know, or whatever, you know? Your penis is small and you’re spending your time, day after day, hour after hour, hoping that your penis will grow half an inch she won’t even feel.

Yes I have small penis, I’m glad I found Thunders.;) From my experience size increase makes a difference. Having your woman gasp and say to you “it just feels too good” and moment later “I can feel you in my stomach”, you feel so damn good about yourself and your dick. I have become a greedy PE whore and I won’t stop until I’m so big I can only fuck large farm animals, just kidding.;)

I think I fit into the category that you “don’t care about” (The want more?) but hell this is my opinion for those guys with small dicks etc. Now I’ve been doing PE for about two weeks, at night I sit at my computer for about an hour or two talking to people and just general browsing. Now If I can sit here and PE WHILE I am browsing. I am killing two birds here. Just something to consider when you talk about wasting time.

Also, a gain of say an inch WILL make a difference in appearance and to your girl. I agree while half an inch may not, if you keep working, make it bigger, you can transform. Say you get a one inch gain. A 5.5 to a 6.5 is a massive difference. Put a ruler next to your member, and visualise that extra inch, I think it’s definitely noticeable.

And you must be a slow gainer, what was your routine?

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This thread reeks of negativity. My guess is that whoever has an attitude like that also has a miserable life. I’m not trying to be insulting here, but I’m only suggesting that a person’s misery will show through in their posts. And it’s like a vicious cycle because with that bad attitude, you’re going to have a bad life. And with a bad life, you’re going to feed your bad attitude. So wake up and smell the coffee. You aren’t happy with your gains? Blame nobody but yourself. This is a lifelong thing to get into, and if you want quick and easy gains, you’re in the wrong field. But I am here to tell you, everything in your life from sex to finances will improve if you get your perspective straightened out. Life is not a bad hand that’s been dealt to you. Life is a blank slate— make of it what you will. But I take offense to you trying to project your far-from-perfect thinking across PE as a whole. PE is a wonderful thing. You should be thankful that you have the opportunity to improve your manhood. But there’s one thing more important than a big dick: a good attitude. Without a good attitude your life is doomed! I’m not talking to anyone in particular— I’m talking to anyone who’s reading. If you keep a positive attitude, things will fall into place. If you’re a Negative Nancy, you’re going to have a self-fulfilled prophecy.


I know its an old thread and I wouldn’t want to wake the beast.

I’m married
I’m in love
I have a decent job
Good friends
Good family
I live in a small apt at a very nice place
I own a car
I never give up on my hobbies
I am a romantic guy
I tend to my looks
I’m well aware of my goods and bads and live with them in peace
I’m good to my neighbors
I pay my taxes on time

And I want a bigger unit.
I don’t want to be delusional to think I could make my member
A huge 8x6,I don’t want a feet long dick.
I don’t want my wife to panic when I’ll show her my modified birdy.

I just want to feel better with me !
Just a little more, I’m not greedy,
An inch or so will do.
And it WILL do !

You don’t have to be a total nobody to want to gain,
And true, you should not put your life on hold while you PE.
Its funny, just like in PE, all you really need is a good load of common sense.

Nice of you to share! I’m sure we all benefitted from that post! Maybe there will be no one on Thunder’s come Monday. LOL

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Mind over matter. All of life is transitional.

You’ll have to excuse my english as I didn’t understand you’re comment.
What I wrote was meant for the OP and how he came against
PEing and describe PE as lost cause and a waste Of time,
I am no satisfied with what nature has given to me
And I don’t have a problem admitting it.
I don’t think that the fact that I am trying to improve makes me
A WOW addict that does not work and unable to make something
With my self.
I opened up my comment with these words to only to
Show that I’m just a normal guy and not a delusional
Loser with issues

I really hope I didn’t offend anyone here with my writing
And I really didn’t meant for it to sound like I was showing off

Your English is fine, but please don’t keep hitting return/new line and starting with an uppercase letter in the middle of sentences. Look at other peoples posts and do the same. If your typing is scrolling off the screen, it’s a temporary fault while the new site changes are happening. It will correct itself when you post the reply.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

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Originally Posted by Tristeza
You have a small penis. That’s right, I said it. In fact, you have the smallest penis you have ever known, will know, or whatever, you know? Your penis is small and you’re spending your time, day after day, hour after hour, hoping that your penis will grow half an inch she won’t even feel. This is all fine and dandy, but this is also completely ridiculous. Do I have your attention now? Please, have the courtesy to finish reading this long-ass winded post that I’m about to make, because you are a gentleman. With a small penis.

Alright. Let’s get into why people get into penis enlargement. People get into PE because they feel they don’t have enough, their stuff down there doesn’t work, or they want more. There’s other reasons but those are the main ones. Now I don’t care for people who want more – they know what they’re after. I don’t care either for the gentlemen with penises who don’t work all that well – their attempts to get their penises to work again is totally justifiable. My problem is, my issue is, with people who think they don’t have enough. That’s right, I’m speaking to you, Mr. 5.5 inches. I’m also talking to you, 4-incher, and you too, you borderline-micropenis dude. Yes, you. And you too.

Let’s talk about how PE is ridiculous (and I’ll also go on about it’s virtues later on in the next paragraph so skip this one if you’re too much of a pansy to think critically). PE is ridiculous because look. Think about it. Let’s say your routine is 2 days on, 1 day off. You do a basic routine which holistically will take about 45 minutes. We’re talking about 45 minutes for about 4 – 5 days per week. So let’s say, worst case scenario – you are “exercising” your penis for 45 minutes a day, 5 times a week, so that equals 225 minutes per week, or 3.75 hours per week. Do you have a job? How much does 3.75 hours equal moneywise? Let’s say you earn minimum wage, so 3.75 hours is more or less $28. You know what you can do for $28? You can ask some pretty girl at the bar to convince you why you can do fine without PE. But this is an absolutely terrible idea, so I’ll shut the hell up for now.
Well no I won’t, I’m still here. And apparently you are too, because you’re still reading this. Alright. I put “exercising” in quotes above because let’s think for a second about what penis enlargement, as far as you’re concerned, really is. Penis enlargement is grabbing your dick and stretching it in linear dimensions for god knows what reason. You bend over and stretch that shit till it hurts. You stretch it so hard, that you rip it off and glue it back again. You know what? Not even Chuck Norris does that. You stretch it because you have some illusion that bigger is better. You’ve seen porn and those dudes are like, huge, right? I want a penis like that, you say. I wanna have sex tonight, right now, I wanna fuck the prettiest girls out there and rip them in half with my penis while I drive my Ferrari and when I come, the car literally stops because of how hard I just came.
This is stupid. You jelq, and you squeeze your dick till it turns blue. And all the while your penis feels numb and you go, “It’s growing!”
It isn’t. It really isn’t.

5.5 inchers, what are you after? A half inch so that you’re closer to the national average? Look. A half inch is about the size of your thumbnail. Do you really think she’s gonna feel that length? Suppose she does. Is she really gonna feel pleasure when all you’re concerned with is whether she is feeling pleasure because you grew a mere half inch? Is girth your problem? What? Come on. Seriously? Do I seriously need to talk about how gaining girth is ridiculous? And let’s deal with something deeper here. Did you even get laid the past three months while you were doing PE? How many offers to have sex did you pass up because you were feeling powerless? How many girls did you imagine feeling pleasure while you did them in your imagination while masturbating during these three months?

4 – 4.9 inchers, you aren’t that small. I mean, you probably are small. Fuck it. You suck. But think about it. At 4 inches your penis is about the size of a sex toy. If you’re a seasoned porn viewer (I know you are you perv) you will have seen that some sex toys can be of infinite pleasure for women. You just gotta know how to use it, is what I say.

3 inchers, consider penis enlargement. Kidding.

What average size is the vagina? I don’t think it can take much more than 7 inches, if I’m correct, and the average pretty girl isn’t interested in being ripped to shreds. Wiki it. Now.

You’re back here, you’re desperate. You’re hoping I will say something good about PE, well I will.

I gained .2” in a year. Yes, you’re right. I’m a former 5.5er and now I’m a 5.7er. You know why I did it? I didn’t want to please a woman that much. I mean I did, but I wasn’t that desperate. I wasn’t super self-conscious about my size. All I wanted was a little more self-esteem, a little more “power” for that lightning rod between my legs. I plan to stop when I’m at about the national average for the US. What average do I speak of? The average depth and girth of the average woman. In fact, maybe smaller, because I’d like my balls to ricochet on her vulva and then off the walls and stuff.

Look, I’m getting tired of typing and you’re tired of reading, so let me just end this with a story. Let’s say you’re bottom of the barrel loser, you have no job, you live with your parents, and you’re 24. You have ZERO self esteem, and if your self-esteem could be put in a box, the box would be empty. Nothing but air in there. Your penis is 5.5 inches, like mine was once, and you’d like to aim for the golden goal of 8” by 6”. You are doing an intense hour-long routine 1 day on, 1 day off. You don’t care that that infrared lamp over there is doing permanent damage to your retinas, as long as you get to use your eyes long enough to see the ugly girls you’re doing. I want you to stop what you’re doing right now, and ask yourself more serious questions. Ask yourself if your parents love you. Ask yourself what happened to the only friend you had until you lost him because you were too busy playing WOW and enlarging your penis. Ask yourself where you can begin to improve your life WITHOUT living with the myth in your head that size matters exponentially. Because size, does it really matter? Women can’t even answer that. Imagine that, you’re enlarging your penis, you’re wasting your time when she won’t even mind if you’re 5.5” or 5.7”. This was my life, by the way. Be a little more critical, not just with PE, but with your entire life.

Penis enlargement is not bad. I encourage you to continue doing it if you absolutely must. Hell, I know have a pretty clear picture of when I’ll stop. PE is only bad if you make it the center of your life at the expense of the things that matter the most: love, friendship, family, and happiness. Stop it man. You’re worth more than that. Think just a little bit.

You’re bored, I get it. Peace.

That’s funny. So you want a big dick. That’s ok. Lots of guys here will support you if you want that inch or inch and a half, but you have to wrk at it. Instead of manifestos that try to convince us you are above this PE shit, try asking for guidance.

We really do care to help.

And you would be rather odd not to want to have a bigger dick, otherwise you wouldn’t have spent time getting the .2

Drop the shit, stick around and get doing the work like the rest of us.

What makes you so special?

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