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You guys probably get this alot

You guys probably get this alot

Hey guys,

I’m a youngin, I’m 18 and I stumbled upon this forum and thought it was AWESOME so I joined, I have alot of questions tho

1. I read all the stuff about jelqing and hanging and warming up, but it didn’t mention (that I got) what I should do for sets/reps <—sorry if thats too much gym like [but I’m curious on how to start off, basically looking for a beginner program

2. How do I make a hanging um.. Tool? What materials should I use because I’d rather make it than buy one, a how to guide would be awesome with pictures on how to make it

And 3rd, how much weight do you start with? I have no idea, I can tell you how much to squat, but this baffles me. Thank you guys so much, I’ll take my meausurements tomorrow and start with a program suggested

Thank you guys soo much, gnome soldier

Welcome to the forum, Gnome Soldier.

Start by reading all the threads here: START HERE —&gt; Most Important Newbie Threads/Info

The answer to your first question is contained therein.

As to a hanging tool, wait a few months before you bother. At that point, I’d recommend building a Captain’s Wench or buying a Redi-Stretcher. (Try using the Search button.)

Also be sure to read the Forum Guidelines when you have a chance.

Not to be an idiot, but did I post something wrong or where you just saying to read the guidelines as general advice?

Asking such a question indicates that you are definitely not an idiot ;)

You should look at the “Style” guidelines specifically. You should use periods at the end of your sentences, spell out “though,” and so forth. Proper spelling and grammar is especially helpful for our many international members who don’t speak English natively and may be using online translators. We aren’t totally anal about this stuff, but we ask that you make your best effort.

Thanks Gnome, and welcome again!

Thank you so much, I’ll deffinately try to keep that in mind in my future posting.

Oh yeah, one more question, how far in to PE is hanging advised?

I’d recommend sticking to the Newbie Program alone for at least three or four months before trying any hanging.

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