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Hi everyone, I just wondering how yoga help our sex life because I have been research about male pornstar and most of them admit that they love to do yoga.

I imagine yoga, like most other forms of activity/exercise improves your quality of life in many aspects, and sex is definitely one of those aspects that will really benefit from it.

Yoga tones you without adding excess muscle weight, makes you leaner, increases suppleness and makes you calmer.

What’s not to like?

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My old buddy MX once told me that he thought that the degree to which one’s pelvis was “limber” was positively correlated with length gains…clearly a “lig gains exists” guy. Both he and are were, and at least in my case, still am a yoga practitioner…with a very limber pelvis…as MX also reported. This hypothesis informed my coming up with The Swami hanging posture (seated SD with legs in Lotus Position on desk). Love that posture, perfect for meditating…I’ve even fallen asleep several times!

Anyhoo, yes, yoga is good.


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