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Yet Another Newbie

Yet Another Newbie

Hey everyone! I’ve been interested in performing PE for a while now.. And I’ve discovered this website called and was all motivated to start. The thing was, I didn’t think all this jelqing stuff would work, so I did some research and found this forum and was pretty satisfied that these exercises do, in fact, increase girth length and girth.

I just started PE about 4 days ago with (I think) below-newbie routine:

5 min shower warm-up
10 min jelqing
20 PC muscle clamps(?)
.Then I conclude with a 5 minute shower.

Flaccid length is 4.2in and erect length is 6.2in. When I use the measuring tape, I realized I got a flaccid girth of 3.2, which seems pretty small compared to a lot of people I’ve seen here. Erect girth is 4.25.. Yeah. I need that bigger.

I’m still wondering if anyone is familiar with and if their workouts and routines are effective or not. Also, I’ve got something called a dorsal slit.. Which is basically a partial circumcision. Here’s a website talking about it:

I don’t know if having a dorsal slit effects the way I do the exercises or not. I don’t know if I have to alter the way I do jelqing or something. Yeah. I need help. I do want to have a bigger girth, bigger flaccid, and at least a 7.5in. I have faith that in a few months or maybe just a year or 2, I’ll eventually reach this goal. Also, I’m fat (haha) so yeah; Bigger flaccid would look not-as-small.

Great website! ^_^

Hi RonnyMan,

No stretching in your routine. Pity. 20 Kegels (BC muscle btw) is a tiny amount. Check out the Newbie Routine linked from the START HERE thread.

>I’m still wondering if anyone is familiar with and if their workouts and routines are effective or not.<

Nope but you will find effective exercises here. A lot of these paysites seem to just trawl through the stuff here and put it up.

On your dorsal slit, I don’t know but pain is often a good guide that you are doing something wrong.

I agree with memento. Kegeling more is easy. I usually try to do it to the beat of songs on the radio as I go to work. You’ll find that you do a lot more and can actually feel a “burn” form the effort. Newbie stretches are good. Benefit from this site since it’s FREE!? Duh. Whatever be consistent and regular; gains will come

Sweet. Thanks for the advice. I’ll add stretching to the routine. I should follow this site’s routine as well. Now I feel stupid. >_< Anyways, thanks a bunch.

Welcome on board I too have recently started out,do your thing work hard and learn as much as you can from the wisdom presented by your personal experiences and those of the wiser folks; take care Ronny

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