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Yet another newbie says hi!

Yet another newbie says hi!

Hello everyone, I’m new here and to PE. I stumbled across this yelqing technique a while ago by coincidence while googling for completely other stuff. The simplicity and logic of it all caught my interest, so I have been practicing a daily 15-20 min yelqing routine just to check if it makes any difference at all. Dry or wet depending on circumstances, mostly dry just before getting out of bed in the morning. I use a good virgin olive oil for the wet sessions, promotes capillary circulation I’ve heard so I believe it is a good choice to condition the skin and prevent bruising. I was very surprised to see the quick results, I got what I hoped for and more after just three weeks so there is no question I will continue this training in one form or another.

My primary motives for PE were health-related, I wanted to regain the rock hard erections I used to have in younger days. Not that I had any problems with it but occationally it let me down and did not get quite as hard as it used to be. Also, I began to feel a slight touch of discomfort down there a year ago, more pronounced during intercourse but still barely rising to the conscious level. I suspected psychological causes, much stress and work in later years. I, like most people I guess, just expected my piece to perform like an energizer rabbit year in and out until the day I die. Instead of going to a physician and complain about something I cannot even put my finger on, or to just wait and see what is coming, the yelqing technique made much more sense to me. Truly amazing results, the discomfort is completely gone, and it is hard like a truncheon again! Why have I never heard of this before? Together with the Yoni massage for women, it should be taught in schools as essential health knowledge.

Found this excellent forum a couple of days ago and became a little interested in measures for the first time (pity I did not think of that before embarking on the training schedule): after 3 weeks of this practice it measures 7.0” BPEL, girth is 5.7” EG midshaft, and the head is 2.0” across (diameter). Was similar befor, just not as hard and hence a little smaller. Flaccid length and girth is roughly 4” x 4”, I see no problems with that but it is of cause not much of a package to impress people at gyms and so forth… never mind. Perfect size for my wife, may hurt a little in some positions but she loves it and controls the level of pain or “pain” herself so…

The daily routine is simple. Since I train in bed in the morning it is already warm and cosy, no need for warm-up. Maybe I’m wrong about that! First week I did 15 min yelquing, trying to keep the erection down to “50%” (incredibly difficult for me, lots of breaks). Since I got no problems at all with bruises and damages I stepped up to yelquing at 80-90% erection after one week, lower pressure for a couple of minutes before the real workout begins. 20 min now. I find this easier and more effective than the half-erect variant, but seems to require closer control of pressure. I keep the pressure level just below where it becomes uncomfortable. The result is that it feels much more “tired” after the mandatory stretches afterwards. Then I just relax some 10 minutes in the bed and start the new day, feeling refreshed!

I will probably not push this PE routine very far, although I think 8” could be useful in order to reach a little deeper in certain positions. Girth is ok as is. Maybe I should be more directed to just maintain the current size since we are so happy with it.

Welcome Unicorn762,

As a recently joined newbie myself, may I suggest that you spend a few hours looking through posts (lots of VERY useful info), and do some searches for length, if that is your primary goal.

Perhaps adding some JAI stretches to your routine will help with your length.



Found some very informative videos in the newbie thread, good for fine-tuning the basic techniques. Thank you for pointing out JAI, gottaB8! For the yelqing, it appears that I use much lower pressure than the guy in the video clips but I guess that is just right for a newbie. Got to say I’m really hooked on that prime quality virgin olive oil we use in the kitchen, seem to build a nice heat almost by itself and is not too slippery so there is a certain stretching effect simultanously.

My wife knows nothing of these new exercises, it will be very interesting to see when she notice a difference and how she responds to it. Hopefully it will be positive but you never know… Until I have any results to report from this as my ultimate measurement method, I would like to give a warm recommendation for “Yoni massage”. Superb for getting closer in sync with your woman, and really helps to build the female counterparts of the effects we are seeking through PE. As you may know, the spongy area called the “G-spot” is physiologically analogous to the tissues targeted by yelquing. Unlike us, girls cannot perform this massage very effectively by themselves so they need a helping hand. Google for information about how it is done.

There is incredibly much to learn here about stuff that seems to be almost taboo in normal society, thank you all for contributing with your valuable experiences!

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