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Yet Another Newb With Another Question

Yet Another Newb With Another Question

I’ve been reading through the forums while waiting for admin to approve my membership and couldn’t find any details about what can and can’t be done before/after jelqing. My basic plan to start off was to jelq about 20-times before bed and after I wake up just until I get the hang of it, then going for about 10 full minutes a month. However, would masturbation either before or after jelqing have any adverse effect? What about the consumption of alcohol? I was also curious as to whether or not morning-wood would be a perfect opportunity to do my morning jelqing.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Morning wood would be bad because you shouldn’t jelq with 100% erections. Try adding stretches to your routine.

Morning wood could be utilized in my opinion as long as you let it lose some erection size. You should try to jelq for at least 10 minutes a day and eventually after you get used to it go up to 20 minutes.

Masturbation before jelqing will only make the head more sensitive than it would have been. Masturbation afterwards probably wouldn’t have much effect at all.

You need to find the newbie routine and use it. At least for the first month or two.

This is the standard Thunder’s Place Newbie Routine. It is tried and tested and is the best place to start.

There is also the Babbis newbie routine which some have used recently; it is very similar in many respects. I won’t link it; it’s a good chance for you to try the ‘search’ function.

Read all the wiki and f.a.q.’s before you start a routine.

Welcome to the forum Alaria.

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Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

Thanks everyone. It’s nice to find mature help for this kinda thing on a place as unmoderated as the internet.

Morning wood do wonder for me, I do my jelq in the morning. You just need to go for pee then PE, you will have good erection level.

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