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Yet another new Newbie Routine


Ishmael, how do you flex those 5 muscle parts? I very lost.. Pleze(Please) help.

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Ah well, we did seem to be straying far from my original point. Then again if so many Moderators flock to the rescue of the Newbie Routine, some very real attention and discussion is generated. Anyway, don’t get me wrong, the Newbie Routine gave me an extra cm, for which I am grateful. The Routine should be followed carefully, I support the Mods fully in this. My approach can be seen as a phase before the Newbie Routine. It is like watering your sapling so that later you can, if you want massage it’s trunk. Or, if it felt to be more in taste, it is like saving up in your bank account, before you start milking it.

Flame: thanks for asking. This is not easy, since I have been asked to condense as well as specify. This exercise is the actual basis, and should be done until you are very sure your muscles are not only thick but also supple and conscious.

In order not to get lost in PC and BC specifics, I distinguish five area’s(please don’t let this discourage you to read up on PC , BC, and Psoas elsewhere on Thunders.):

1. A very small area round the tip of the tailbone. After flexing this area for some weeks , you will be able to press the tailbone forward and also , very slightly, wag it, like a dog. Crazy but it’s true.

2. The anal area. Flexing the lower anal muscle, as well as the upper makes you feel after a few weeks that you can move the muscles also forward, backward, as well as outward.

3. A very small area in front of the anus, containing the blocking point. This point too should not only be squeezed but also moved backward.

4. The larger area behind the balls, almost up to the onset of the outer penis. Also upwards, outwards and backwards.

5. In front of that an area surrounding the onset of the penis, so also including the ‘fat pad” . Yes, I am convinced the fat pad contains a thin layer of muscle which can be made conscious and stronger.

These area’s I have made stronger, but also more conscious, which is perhaps more important. Area 5 I must admit will need much future attention.

If you want to try this, remember that it is not Kegeling which consist of lots of squeezing as well as holding the squeeze. What I do is gentle slow repeats, often in one movement squeezing to 95% and releasing and pushing out 95%. Moving backwards the same.

Lampwick: I agree people should really do this exercises for quite some time before trying the partial blocking of the ensuing exercise. So if you look at it that way you have a point about that it is a bit more advanced.

So everyone interested in this approach : don’t go too hasty. About the blocking point: the blocking is very gentle and partial, so my rubbing is not jelqing. If you feel uneasy while pressing it gently, press less or simply stop straightaway and try another approach!

I realize that though influence on Penis Length (perhaps less on girth) is considerable, this is more about Penile Empowerment. Still, perhaps that’s what you need most when you feel uneasy about your dick.

Have to go now, will try to log in tomorrow to see if any info needed.

Definitely a video, or diagram would be helpful if you can put it together. I’m interested in any concept I can understand.

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Hopeful: I lack the technical know how and gear to arrange all that. Besides, If I did that I would perhaps make it look bigger and more complicated than it is. I suggest you do some trial and error and develop your own variations. You will feel results after only a week and you will no doubt see a steady growth after 4 to 6 weeks. Today I measured a full 19Cm again so there still seems to be progress. If you want to look at it in terms of concepts, most of what I say can be found back in the articles by Cheevah, also Sparky.

Hi all, since a small group of people has shown interest in this thread, I want to restate something perhaps in a clearer way than before. The main reason why many Newbies lose interest after a while is that they are being advised to Kegel. Kegeling in general is not so clearly described in Thunder’s as well as elsewhere, and the formal Thunders definition is to my mind counter-productive. It may produce thick muscles , but long flabby ones (when medium re or totally relaxed). Those of you who went to a low quality gym, will know what I’m talking about.

The pelvic muscles, like any other muscles, can be activated by slow and conscious exercise, moving them in and out, as well as backwards and forwards. When you give it a try for a few days you will discover a surprising amount of possible combinations. When you exercise this way, it will only take a few days before you will experience a very pleasurable glow and feeling of strength. That’s your dick, eager to show his new found potency to the world!

After some more time, you find , as I did , the key to extra locker room confidence. It is a combination of pelvic clenches which pumps more blood into your dick in a number of seconds (this lovely girl passes by, just as you step out of the cold water. Now you dare to look her in the eye, and see her smile of approval.)

I find this very confusing.


Originally Posted by 180

I find this very confusing.


Really? I can't believe!

180 and marinara:

That is as it should be, because it is in a sense (a Thunder’s sense) totally new. The only thing you need to do is to take a fresh look, suspend some preconceptions for a while and get to work.. It’s going to work for you and then you say: confusion or not: mine is growing! This is reported to you by Ishmael, who is growing. :)


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