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Yet ANOTHER jelqing question, regarding grip

Yet ANOTHER jelqing question, regarding grip

I downloaded the video part about dry jelqing, I read about it, but still I cannot quite make out how I am supposed to grip.

The instructions say that I am supposed to block blood going back out with the grip, but yet, I am not sure I am doing this right.

Am I supposed to hold all the perimeter of the penis tight, meaning that I also block the corpus spongiosum artery ? If not , what exactly should I be blocking ?

Please explain as clearly as possible because I am in the beginning and I don’t want to start things wrong..

Thanks and sorry if this is too elementary question for most of you.


Create a reasonable ring, block enough of the backflow of blood to make for an even pressure as the stroke progresses (the erection level interacts with the grip). Focus on the CC if you like, possibly the best dry jelq grip for that is the C-grip (search for RB’s posts for more info).

Jelqing is about stressing the penis. If your stroke is not impeded by the blood ahead of your grip, your grip is too loose. This is very much about forcing expansion up the shaft, so that there is both a ripple of expanasion ahead of the grip and that the shaft above the grip is expanded beyond the normal erectile capacity.

Does that help?

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Check this image : 588.gif

The ring you said I should form is supposed to press all the perimeter equally ?

I ask this because I ‘ve noticed that if my grip doesn’t focus the pressure to the part referred as “corpus spongiosum” in the image, then most of the blood will go back, and the stroke will not produce much result as far as expansion is concerned. I read somewhere in this forum (unfortunately I can’t remember which topic it was, I’ ve been reading so much lately that I lost track), that jelqing focuses on CC, but if I focus the pressure only on the CC part and not in “corpus spongiosum” part too, then there is not much blood trapped (even in high erection levels.). So, I wonder, what am I supposed to do ? Press all the perimeter equally? Or this thought is wrong and there is something I am missing in understanding the grip ?

Also about the RB you referred on your post, search on “RB” didn’t give any results.

Originally Posted by memento
Focus on the CC if you like, possibly the best dry jelq grip for that is the C-grip (search for RB’s posts for more info).

I’ve been wet and dry jelqing for some time now and STILL haven’t got it down pat.

The overhand grip tends to squeeze the sides together while jelqing toward the head.
The underhand grip tends to focus on squeezing the top & bottom together while jelqing forward.
The C-grip…well, I think it kind of does both, but it depends.

Lately, I’ve been mixing up my grips to ensure I hit all parts of the shaft from different angles.

The C-Grip (like in RB’s post) really tires out my penis and I can’t maintain a good enough erection level (+ 50%) when doing this type of grip. So, I usually start with the overhand, then switch to the underhand for a bit and finish with the C-Grip.

I think the variety is good.

Just my opinion though.

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