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yes another newbie, but i need help

yes another newbie, but i need help

ive read the prefaqs, and have SOMEWHAT of an image in my head to perform them, im a TOTAL NEWBIE and my funds for a paysite are kinda limited. I was hoping someone would be able to point me out in the right direction, with maybe animated exercises of kegels and jelqs? Or help me out with a newbie routine? Im a dedicated weight lifter and anabolic steroid user and my big thighs have given the illusion of my penis being smaller, that being said i know i wont be seeing gains overnight. All help would be appreciated. Thank you

Nice to meet you, although i havent used steroids i am a dedicated bodybuilder also. I am only 19, so they would be pretty bad for me. I am pretty new also, but i could explain my rountine a little. I cant give you animations. With the pc flexes, have you found the muscle and do you know how to flex it.

As far as the jelqs go, get whatever kind of erection you prefer (if you use full erection it can get more dangerous), then make an ok grip at the base of your penis, apply pressure (not to much) with the grip and milk it toward the head. Once you first hand is right under you head, use you other hand and do the same process, sticking one hand behind the other. Does this help at all, make sure you completely understand the exercises before you do them. I have only been at this a few months. Let me know if you understand this exercise.

Do you understand the concept of hotwrap?
Do you have some kind of warm up planned?

How much do you wiegh-from bodybuilding stand point, how big is your waist. I am pretty small, 6’ 3” tall about 180 lbs, 31 inch waist.

nice to meet you to larry, reading the prefaq on jelqing it said to use vaseline and baby-oil. I was under the impression that these things werent good? For a newguy like myself, should i be doing manual stretches, jelqs, kegels and weights? Or just stick with jelqs? And if so, how many do i perform or for how long?


I am scared of wieghts myself, and i am pretty new myself. So dont take everything i say has written in stone. I think that is starting a little to much to fast though. I started with a shit exercise that wouldnt get anyone anywhere, but it introduced me to PE.

I was adviced to do my pc flexes by flexing and holding it for 5 secs, then releasing and waitng for 5 secs, do a set of ten of these for the first week. Try to get 3 sets at different times through the day. When the second week comes around start doing 20 to a set, still three times a day. Work your way up to 50 to a set, yea it takes a few mins to do a set. Hope this is not to confusing. If you are going to do it this way and have not done PC kegels before, do me a favor. I have noticed now that when i have an erection, it seems that my PC muscle is really huge and little bulgy. Maybe i just didnt notice it before. Well I just want you to check and see if this happens to you, just curios. It does not look bad or anything, dont worry.

When you start these go with low intensity for around 3 mins, after a week work your way up to 4 then 5 and so on. I wouldnt do more than max 10 mins. There are some people that swear by jelqing and do nothing else. It is the meat of my workout also, but some people dont think there that big of a deal. I still have not got any girth gains yet and have been at it for few months. But i think i am just starting to do them as I am supposed to. You want to do these slowly at about 3-5 secs per stoke.

The stretching i used was with palms down, just like a jelq but completely flacid. I did this for about 2-3 mins with the focus on stetching instead of blood circulation.

I used to do my workouts in the shower, but i have recently resorted to porn and heating pad. Some one on one of the forums said he was using a heating pad and i thought it was genios. Im sure it wasnt original but i think it would work better than a hot rag. I would advice doing these before and after workout, at least 5 mins. I heard you are supposed to maintain an erection but have been unable to do it thus far. Can anyone else comment on this? I will be getting different heating pad to fix this problem also.

Sorry to give you such a long post to read, but this is the workout i would advice, or the workout i wished I would have started with.

Hotwrap (5 mins)
Strecthing (2-3 mins)
Jelqs (as described above)
Hotwrap (5 mins)

The best advice I could probably give you is to start out slow. The worst thing you could do is injure your penis. I think everyone would agree that a small penis is better than one that doesnt work. I havent heard of injuries that are really serios, but they could set you back and cause permanent damage. So just take it easy for the first few months. You will probably get enough gains from this routine if done correctly.
Good luck!

cool, thanks for taking the time to type that post out for me larry. Its very much appreciated, for kegels, do i need and erection to perform them? or can i also do them when im limp? Ill try out those kegels and update you to see if it gets bulgy also. Thanks again!

I dont think it makes a difference to do the kegels hard or limp. I do a set while im doing my second hot wrap, at the end of the workout. I think it is better do have a full erection when doing the hot wrap.

Thanks for the compliment thunder. I post alot, hope its not to much. I just read your post in the supplements section about newbies posting alot. I dont really have much time for the research, and i like the interaction.

Hey newbie,

Check out this link. It helped me get started and has some valuable info in my opinion. After reviewing it if you have questions (I’m sure you will) feel free to ask.

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