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Yerba Mate

Originally Posted by goodstart

“Mate has been shown to have a relaxing effect on smooth muscle tissue”

So does a good hot wrap massage. Why ingest something for it?

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Originally Posted by fauxreal
So does a good hot wrap massage. Why ingest something for it?

Well, it isn’t bad as a tea.

Why not ingest it and wrap?

I think I’ll make some right now.

I wonder if drinking iced tea with this will lead to a bigger flaccid. :D

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It looks smokeable

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I love Mate , and drink it daily .

I was not aware of any possible PE benefits , I was just using Mate and Black Tea as substitutes for Coffee , which I was ending my use of .

So , as a matter of fact , I am drinking it , and sitting here with a wrap on , pre-PE session , nice to know that there is an unexpected benefit of Mate !

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