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Year end stress: a call for help!

Year end stress: a call for help!


This post is aimed to those who, as I do, suffer from year-end stress in business. People like sales, consultants, accountants, purchase managers, C-level working people and not to forget those who are in the gift and toy industry etc. - all those who have to bury an extra load of work when the year-end closing is approaching. And those who will have an intense “I have to visit all my relatives all over the country”-program coming in the next days too.

I notice that my business workload is getting so high that my daily PE exercise discipline goes down the sink. I am simply too tired to PE. And when thinking of the coming days, PE training frequency is in danger too as we’ll visit parents. So no heating the rice sock in the microwave possible, little to no privacy. This is stressing me even more as I feel there is a danger of a involuntary break in PE.

So I’d like to ask all who already had been through similar stressful times: what were your strategies to keep PE on top of your priority list and allow space and time for proper exercises under difficult conditions?

- Did you intentionally take a break?
- Did you adapt the routine to a kind of light maintenance mode?
- Did you keep the planned routine regardless of business pressure?
- Did you PE during the ‘family-days’ regardless of social pressure?

Heeeeeeelp! :-)

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I’m not what you’ve asked for but can provide a tip you might find useful.

Stealth PE, let’s call it a light maintenance routine where you do piss pulls and maybe even some light jelqing whenever you get some minutes alone. It’s all about not letting it totally heal growing stronger tissues so restarting will be harder. Don’t need any warm up for these kind of easy going routines, just start the stretches slowly and feel your unit. A couple of minutes stretching after pissing or in the morning or before bedtime all adds up to some good PE time during the day.

Good luck figuring it out and happy holidays to you and your loved ones! :)

- Took a 9 day break before the storm, which I’m currently still enjoying. Scheduled it pretty early in anticipation of this.
- No, still minimum of 2 hours hanging although with these days off it’s a ton more.
- Yeah, work, sport, eat, PE. Little bland but I don’t mind.
- Working most of these family days, so we’ll see what happens.

Service Desk for a major electronics company so during Christmas things explode.

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