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Yay, I can finally make a new thread!

Yay, I can finally make a new thread!

So I’m kind of a newbie,

ON and off with some PE a few years back. I used to pump and got from about 5.5 NBPEL to about 6.75 NBPEL. AFter the pump broke, I stopped PE all together and I think I went down to about 6NBPEL. I started some jelqing and stretching but never for more than a month or so at a time and could never do an adequate amount. So I think now I’m going to start again.

I just received my PM from Germany! Wohooo!

I’ve been pretty ill recently and it’s been very difficult to find time and energy for any PE for the past couple of weeks. It’s even difficult to keep an erection long enough to measure.

Last time I measured I was:


I will try to post my first experiences with the PM after I find a chance to give it a try.

Wish me luck!


Good luck with your gains Rambone.

Sep. 2003: 7" bpel x 5" eg June 2004: 7 & 1/4" bp x 5 & 3/8" eg Jan. 2005: 7.5 x 5.5 Goal: 8x6 "I always knew pe existed but didn't know where to start, until I found Thundersplace."

Congrats with your first thread.
Be sure to study the penimaster thread since it has a lot of info.
Good gains!


Good luck bro, best of wishes.

The art of change Starting: 6 1/8NBP 7 1/4BPEL 5 1/8EG Current: 6 1/4NBP 7 1/2BPEL 5 1/4EG ________________________________ Thank you Thunder's Place, and the Others here who Honestly have changed many aspects of my life! I profusely apologize for not having the ability to make a monetary donation at this time;I soon will.

Fist week of PM

I’ll have to keep it brief but I think it works!

BPEL- 6.25x5


Overall, my unit is looking a lot thicker (even though my measured girth has remained the same). It even look longer (maybe I’m just having better erections too).

I mistakenly posted somewhere else that my last measurement BPEL was 6.75, I meant 6.875 (6 7/8 inches).

I’ll keep you posted.

So far, I think the PM is going to work.

One thing though. MY BPEL last week was not as hard as last night. So if all things were equal, if I had the same boner last week my starting BPEL might have been more like 6.5. Even though, I’m excited of a 3/8 inch gain in 1 week. Even at 1/4 inch gain in 1 week, it could mean that I might be able to gain 1 inch in 4 weeks????

I’m cautious, but hopeful



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