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Xleeve or Vac ADS

Xleeve or Vac ADS

Hi guys,

About a year ago I did P.E for about six months. I was using the bib hanger for an hour a day 4 days a week (which I found rather uncomfortable), and I was using an extender for about 4 hours a day 3 days a week (noose style, which was also uncomfortable). I ended up with a .5cm gain in six months and threw in the towel. I’ve also tried jelquing as well and am not really a fan.

Anyway, I’m now determined to get back on the P.E bandwagon and I’m a little unsure where to invest my money. I’ve been looking at and was surprised to find some decent products with reasonable prices.

My main issue is that I work long hours (in a suit) and have a lot of meetings, so I doubt I can wear anything whilst at work unless it is super discreet. I am also very physically active and train 5 days a week after work (cardio and weights). So this leaves me a good four hours for P.E and possibly something to wear in my sleep.

So, I was thinking this:

- Auto xleeve for wearing during the day (if discreet enough)
- KR extender for 3-4 hours (or Vac ADS)?
- Auto xleeve for sleep
- Stretching as well

So my questions are:

1) Is this above sufficient to see some sort of gain?
2) I’m undecided between the KR extender and vac ads. The extender would give a better stretch, but the vac ads would be more comfortable (and is more versatile). In your opinion, which would be of more benefit for 3-4 hours use?

My goals are pretty realistic I think.. I’d like to see .75” length gain, and .5 inch girth gain. At this stage I’d rather the length.
Current stats are BPEL: 5.9”, EG: 4.7”

Any advice is appreciated.


Vac ADS gives just as good stretch and does so in a more even manner. I’ve tried both, there is no comparison in the comfort. I can’t stand the noose type feel. Vac can be worn much, much longer and you can hardly even feel it.

AutoXleeve is completely discrete. Actually, even VacExtender is discrete enough to worn in public, in my opinion, you just can’t go and play tennis while wearing it.

Cool, I think I’ll give the vac extender a try then.



I tried all the system you mentioned and I’m in a very similar situation (office hours and so on).

Avoid all noose/band extenders: the best choice is among vacADS and vacExtender KR package (which is vacuum based). The first is more discreet, but sometime I wonder whether the traction system of the vacextender (being the force constantly perpendicular to the body) isn’t more efficient.

Anyway, don’t forget these tools (xleeve included, probably) mostly affect flaccid length.
For erect length best exercises really are jelq and manual stretching: while you could gain without xleeves, vacADS or so, in my opinion these MUST be part of your routine.

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