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Wrong way to record gains?

Wrong way to record gains?

To track my progess I’ve decided to measure under the same circumstances. For example I always record my measurments after I do my PE routine. But I think this could be a bad, flawed way. What if a change in my workout, say 100 more jelqs, could alter the measurments? Maybe I should just measure before my workout. What do you think.

PE can cause some temporary changes that are not long lasting. Plus, as you noted, a different workout might give different temporary results. Perhaps measuring in a “rested” state is better, like just before your routine. Don’t measure every day. The chances of a slightly smaller measurement one day after a bigger measurement the previous day is possible and then you’d get upset that you weren’t gaining or were, it seems, losing. Measure once a month and you’ll be much happier with the results.

For what it’s worth, I make an “official” measurement once every week before my routine. Those are the stats that I put in my sig. After my routine (on the same day) I take an unofficial measurement just for my own encouragement.

I know I really should measure only once a month, but I’m a little obsessed with numbers.

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