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I haven’t been on for awhile. So has anybody came up with any new ways to warm up before PE? I fill a sock with white rice and microwave it for a bit and use my sock so warm up the beast. But its a dry warm feeling. Like it feel nice and hot but not warmed up… if that makes sense. This is what I do when I’m watching TV in my bedroom. Doing this secretly. Or I go into the bathroom and use a warm rag, which I absolutely love, but its not convenient being in there for over 30min.

Anybody have any easy warm up techniques that could be done in a bedroom or while watching TV. Nothing messy now.

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DUde you made THREE threads?

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He PM’d me, said it was just an accident.

2Big4U this is a problem a lot of us face, the problem of stealth. A dry warm feeling you’ll get from a rice sock is perfectly fine for a warmup, though as we know damp heat is, ultimately, better. IR heat is the best, but that’s the least secretive, unless you can get yourself a desk lamp that you can fit both an IR bulb and a normal bulb into, in which case you’d be able to alternate them to avoid suspicion.

Or you could buy a proper heat sack, which usually have special rice or beans or something in them, and say to (parents I assume?) that you’ve got some neck pain or that it just helps you relax or feels nice on your neck. Proper heat sacks provide a more moise heat (Ive found) and you can wrap your penis completely in them, so they’re better overall.

I’m already enough of a freak that me getting a heatlamp surprises nobody.

I could fuck a camel in the snow and people would go about their daily lives as though nothing’s different.

I find the best way by far is to get a really hot shower or a bath just before and your core temperature including your penis is much higher for a longer period of time. Plus this is a great way to get into a routine.. Every time you get a hot shower/bath then PE straight after

I PE stretch in the Bathroom. I bring a cup in and fill it up with hot (nearly burning) water, and place it over my penis. The trick is to wet down a rag with ‘cool’ water, and place it over your balls, so when some hot water from the cup leaks out (and it does) - you won’t have that scalding water going over your boys.

Your dick is completely engorged by water, and that moist heat works wonders on loosening up your ligaments.

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