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Wraps help manual stretch grip

Wraps help manual stretch grip

So, I read in another post by someone on here earlier today about using a t-shirt to grip with while doing manual stretches. I tried this for the first time tonight, just used a white t-shirt, and I must say the grip is much better compared to using the hands alone and I feel like I achieved a better stretch as a result of this better grip. Anyways, if you have grip problems with manual stretches I suggest using a t-shirt or similar material to achieve a better grip for manual stretches compared to hands alone.

I use ribbed rubber sheeting that is sold in hardware stores for opening lids or providing non-slip surfaces for countertops.

I also use a strip of the same material to make sure my mechanical stretcher has a good grip on my dick when I stretch it. I tried a strip of rubber glove but I found it slipped out and I was getting very little actual stretch, as the stretcher clamp would merely slide up my dick and leave stretch marks on the skin as i tightened the device.

Since I have found a more positive grip, the stretcher is doing it`s job like it did when I first started and found my first half inch.

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