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Wrapping for girth

Wrapping for girth

Hello. Being very much a grower, I think it would help my girth gains (which is all I really care about) to wrap for girth after my routine. All I’m shady on is how much of the dick I should wrap. And so, where should I wrap?


Hi dmitri,

Are you considering wrapping for girth or length gains? I ask because you brought up that you are a grower (so was I). If you’re looking for length, then stick to a simple traction wrap (like a TheraP strap) or ADS (like lil12big1’s example in the tutorial section). If you’re wrapping for girth, then I can’t help much as I’m still working on length. And I’m going to keep working on length until my gains cease, which luckily they have not. Hopefully someone else with experience in wrapping for girth can step in and give some advice.

Here is SS4’s piece on wrapping in general, with a little on girth. This is one of our best threads on wrapping for girth.

I wrap at the base using a strip of Theraband about 2” wide. I don’t spiral. The trick is getting the correct tightness, which requires some trial and error. It gets easier with practice.

To initially build the pressure I get a partial erection and repeatedly pull the wrap back toward the base as I kegel. This forces blood in front of the wrap. Once the engorgement starts it continues and is self-sustaining to some degree if your wrap is right. Usually my dick deflates over time. Every so often I do the partial erection/wrap pull/kegel maneuver to rebuild the pressure.

Thanks, Hobby, that helps. How has it been working out for you—any decent gaining?

My girth is terribly stubborn. I’ve been doing Extreme Ulis and wrapping a lot lately (about 3 hours today). I’ll have to keep at it and see what happens.

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