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Wrapping for better gains? For how long after train?

Wrapping for better gains? For how long after train?

Hi Everyone, lately I have been talking with a couple of well-experienced PErs who suggest me to do “wrapping” after a P workout. What is your opinion about wrapping to achieve gains?

If I am a newbie (over 5 weeks) should i consider doing this tecnique? If I workout before going sleep, can I let my dick wrapped the whole night? If the glans swells, am I tightening it too much?

Thanks for the replies in advance.

Traction wrapping occupies a similar position to light ADS.

As a newbie, I think it’s best to stick with a punctuated routine, rather than trying to fill in the gaps in your time with less efficacious PE.

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“The wrap must be applied as soon after the PE session is completed, as retraction of the tissues will begin in minutes.” (emphasis mine)

This is why I designed the routine I use to leave me with longer BPFSL afterward, the opposite of what long stretches and hanging do. When the temporary effect passes, I’m back to my starting length for that session, or slightly more.

Thanks you guys for your great comments. The couple of days I did wrappign i slept with it and I felt a bit of pain the following day. I think I will stick just with manuals. It has been almost 6 weeks and I do 5 on 2 off: 10-15 min stretch (normals and fulcrum), 7-8 min dry jelq + 8-9 min wet jelqs. When i get hard on jelqing I do 10 squeezes and then i let it rest, that is like 2-3 times per session. I hope is not too much? On my rest dayss I do very slightly stretches, or nothing. I warm up adn down too. You guys think its ok? It it does work in 2-3 month I will go for a good extender. thanks for your appreciated experienced opinions.

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