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Wrapping after PE workout


Originally Posted by marinera
Not at all. The source of this idea is in the analogy with bone lenghtening, which was drawn many years ago and is completely groundless.

Which has nothing to do with the biology of Collagen fiber growth. Damaged collagen structures can repair themselves in cross-linked fashion that cause them to be tougher without being any longer; making future attempts even harder. The science is pretty clear on that; its not an analogy to anything.

Actually, most manual exercises are at higher intensity than hanging. Jelqing can apply a degree of intensity that is about never reached through hanging.

I would disagree on that. Given the high amount of void space in the penis, the actual cross-sectional area of the tissue is pretty small. 10+ lbs of hanging is going to create much more stress than a couple psi of internal pressure from forcing blood into your penis.

You can learn something about the structure of connective tissue here.
Loading, lengthening, healing.

It is just 33 pages long since now.

To understand that jelqing can create far from damage than hanging you just need a bit of personal experience, no vodoo science needed dude.

I’m doing fowfers, jelqing and clamping along with manual stretching for ~20 min. a day at warmup.

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Newbie question, what do you wrap the penis with?


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