Wrap vs ADS

I’m now in my 8th week of PE. I’ve only been doing stretches and jelquing. Over this period I’ve increased to length and intensity of my exercises with no apparent discomfort. I don’t know about gains since I decided not to take any additional measurements until after 3 months. ( However, during jelqing my penis looks plumper - but it doesn’t last too long once I stop, and I am experiencing erections while I sleep - it’s been a LONG time since I’ve had those. I’m glad they’ve returned because I think that’s a good sign.)

I would like to add an additional exercise to my routine. Not one that I do for a just a few minutes but an ALL DAY type of exercise. About a week ago I’ve started wrapping my penis with an Ace bandage both after my PE routine and on off days. I stretch the flaccid penis out almost as far as it will go and then warp the bandage with only a mildly snug fit. The intent is to try to keep the penis elongated so that I increase in length a bit faster. However, one apparent side benefit is the my penis also stays a bit more engorged. I think I’m OK because during the wrap I’m only about 10% erect and the glans is maybe only slightly cooler.

My question is should I try All Day Stretching with a gentle tug instead of, or in conjunction, with the wrap?

As far as ADS goes, I am not inclined to use any devise that has metal rods protruding out from the base of the penis. Nor am I inclined to use any type of weight that hangs from the penis. (I sit for most of the day so I don’t think this would work.) For me, as far as ADS is concerned, I am leaning toward the type that somehow wraps around the penis, not the glans, and then attaches to the leg via a strap.

If this type of ADS is the way to go then the question becomes what’s the best way to attach a device to the penis so that I can then attach it to a strap? Is it better to grab hold of the penis right behind the glans? Or is it better to use a device such as this silicone sleeve (In use.jpg) to grab a good portion of the shaft?

I would appreciate the comments of old timers who have had success with wither of these methods wrap vs ADS.


So many questions?