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Alright, I have some incredible news!!! When I started PE exactly 1 month ago today I decided to measure every two weeks. Well, in my last post I kinda whined a little about my situation, oh well it felt good to complain. Anyway, my focus is on girth but unfortunatly I have’t gained anything (well 1\16”) in that area, but in my last post I was going off of my two week measurement. Today I measured and still no gain in girth but I have now moved up to 7 1\2” bpel!!!!!! That is an entire 1\2” in one friggin’ month!!! I guess I am extreamly lucky. My ligs must streach real easy or something. I don’t care what it is, even though I REALLY want more girth, I have 7 1\2 INCHES !!!!!!! I also did (for the first time) a fsbpl and it was 8”!! I don’t know but I love this shit, I’m getting addicted to it!!! I think I might start a log in the progress\routine forum. Well thanks for all the help to everyone who replied to my last thread, It is still way to soon to see if the dryjelqs will be more benificial or not but I will keep you posted. BTW, I waited 48 hours between workouts (one full off day) just to make sure that it was official! I am so friggin stoked!!

Awesome! I think starting a PE log in the Routines section would be a great idea. Don’t worry about not making girth gains right now. Those can come later. Keep doing what you’re doing because obviously it’s doing good. Congrats! :)


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