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Amazing how my outlook on the day has changed!!! I feel like I statred out the day at work bored and just kinda browsing the web! I feel as though I’ve I was walking down the street and tripped over the Holy Grail! I’ll admit I’ve spent the last 2 hours trying to find out what you are selling or where the BS is in this forum and I’m thrilled to say apparently this is legit. I have another 5 hours to go before I can go home and get started and I’m excited as hell! I’d estimate right now my erect length is right around 6 and an average girth (never even measured it) - but hell - I’m more than willing to spend a half an hour every day getting to be where I’ve always wanted (a little thicker and 7.5 to 8 in length.) This is amazing, I’m still scared to put in alot of time and work but according to all of you it’s well worth it. It seems from the chart that the guys who get even the smallest results still have a half inch gain in length and width. I’m stoked!!!! Can’t wait to post my progress as time goes by. Later guys.

You better believe this forum is legitimately free (donations for site upkeep are always welcome though…if you’re able) and so are the techniques, results,and support you get from other members. You won”t find any bullshit here; just straight up facts and guidance from the guys that are doing PE. Welcome and best of luck in your PE venture!!!

Read!! Read!! Read!!

You have just found this web site and there is much to learn and understand. I suggest you take a significant amount of time to read the posts and organize a well thought out plan for yourself. You will want to learn what is effective and avoid wasting your time with poor teccnique and so forth. Most importantly you will want to avoid injury. You will also want to improve the health of your penis so that it will grow. So, go home and educate yourself, formulate a plan, learn the details and then execute the plan. Then read more and continue to learn as others share, then share yourself. Read!! Read!! Read!!


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