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Originally Posted by H4biggz
A cup of ice cold water!?

Just for your own consideration - a principle to follow.

Don’t let your dick turtle - maintaining an ‘inflated’ size will only benefit you positively, or at least more than making it shrink.

Cool-downs aren’t meant to be taken literally as to include cold water. Use a rice sock or warm water for a cool down.

Just a thought.

Actually, a cool down means exactly what it says. What you’re describing would be a warm down.

Ice cold water (doesn’t have to be ice cold) or a ‘cool down’ actually prevents turtling because it effectively makes the tissue hard while still in the stretched state. Otherwise, if the tissue remains warm, but is no longer being stretched, the same elasticity that allowed the stretching will now allow it to retract and ‘turtle’ as much as it wants. Capeche?

He’s right biggz, a cool down keeps the tissues in their extended/expanded state. What you were describing was a warm down.

That’s your routine, but how long did it take?

Originally Posted by theskyisthelimit
Whoa! You put your penis in ice water after your work out? I’ve always gone the opposite direction with my post-routine temperature. Trying to keep post-work out plumpness for a few hours to cement.

Am I the only one who thinks this is absurd? Maybe I’ve missed something, I’ve been gone for a few years. It’s obviously working for you, you’ve made some nice gains. Especially in the flaccid length department, which can count for a lot. Congratulations. Any more insight on why you do that?

When I use cool-down it keeps my penis in a extended/expanded state.
Read through this thread Cool Down - YES You NEED It!


That’s your routine, but how long did it take?
L33t69, I been doing this routine for over a month now.

(06-23-08):nBPEL: 5.500 x MSEG: 4.250 x FL: 3.500

(10-24-09):nBPEL: 6.000 x MSEG: 4.500 x FL: 5.000

(Christmas 2009):nBPEL: 0.000 x MSEG: 0.000 x FL: 0.000

Originally Posted by Louisianimal

Thanks everyone.I think if I put a little more time with stretches maybe 15 minutes I might see EL gains.

Warmup more! Edge! It’s the key


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