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Wow. I felt great

Wow. I felt great

Hi everyone! I am so excited about PE! I just started 4 days ago and just had my 3rd routine. My first two routines were ok because I was forever struggling with strong erection while stretching and jelqing. But my 3rd was different!

I need your opinion on this.

I read the debate over masturbation before/after PE. I also read the survey result about while masturbation has no effect on PE gains, ejaculation would likely hinder gains. I know some of you don’t believe this theory, so this is what I did.

Before my routine, I watched some porn and edged for a good 20-30 minutes. I maintained a very high level of erection without ejaculating. Then I stopped. Waited for 5 minutes and started my warm-up. After the warm-up I started with fowfer. I like to stretch my cock first before I engage in jelqing. While I was doing fowfer my cock was surprising soft (which was GREAT!). Then I proceeded with manual stretches. I did up/down/right/left stretches (holding 15 sec x 2 reps). Man, I have to say that this is my best stretching so far! My cock was soft (to 10-20% erection at some point). I could actually feel the stretching without being hard.

Then I did some jelqing. This time, I maintained my erection level at about 30-60%. It was fantastic!! I didn’t have to worry about the usual raging hardon. My goal is to gain both flaccid and erection LENGTH, so I don’t want to do jelqing at more than 70% erection lvl.

Now my questions for the experienced.

1) Have you purposely done edging just before PE so you would have a relatively soft penis for length exercise?

2) Would I still gain length from doing what I did today? I really find that edging before PE can give me a relatively lower erection level for a more thorough stretching and jelqing. I am still a newbie so I want to find out more about what I am doing before I proceed with regular routines. Any successful stories from the members here who does edging before PE? (Assuming no ejaculation)

Any thoughts??

PS: PE IS ADDICTING! That’s all I am thinking about all day!

I don’t think I’ve edged before jelqing,whom. I guess you had to wear it out a bit in order to jelq. And by not ejaculating perhaps you may have added a conditioning componet to your routine.

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I did what you are saying some time back. While it does assist with my jelqing, it made stretches sxtremely hard for me as I do my stretches first. I didnt feel that my dick was stretching that much. But whatever works for you continue doing it. You will gain size with this I think. Nothing is impossible, I think it would help you with your routine more so theoretically it should speed up growth.

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After my session, my cock was soft for a couple hours.. Lol very tired. But I do like the tiredness since I had a real good stretching and jelqing session (at least compared to my first 2 sessions).

The interesting thing is that I actually felt like I was stretching my penis.. I enjoyed the softness. If I don’t jerk off, my penis would tend to erect as I am touching it.. Lol

Has anyone done this before?? Edging before PE? Share with me your thoughts?

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