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Wouuld this be ok


Wouuld this be ok

I was at the spa with my son the other day. He is 15 Years old. I noticed he needs a little help down there. DO you think it would be OK to have him do the Exercises., or do you think he is too young?

I’m definitely against this sort of thing. Although it may seem you’d be helping him out, as a father you’d really just be fostering feelings of inadequacy and, even worse, suggesting that you don’t love him just the way he is.

Wait till he’s 16.

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Wait till he’s 20… And ask him if he’s satisfied with his body. Fifteen? Come on, the penis can be growing for much longer.

so does that rule out the boob job for the 14yo daughter also?


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My advice: let him bring up the subject. Don’t force your views (that his is small and that being small is “bad”) on him. Let him make up his own mind about his size.

Just appear as a parent whom he can ask about such matters when he gets old enough.

Sharing PE

At 15 mine was nothing to brag about. At 17 it was much larger. I wasn’t huge.just larger than 90% of my gym classmates. Give nature time to do it’s work.

But NATURAL PE can help nature run its ‘full’ course. Trust me on this one.

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Well, I agree that a boy’s dad isn’t the one to bring this sort of thing up and for anything useful to come of it, but you could arrrange for someone else at the spa who also sees your kid naked to pass on advice “that will help him w/ the ladies when he ‘s older and the time is right”. Also if an endocronologist could make his dick bigger via DHT injections or other treatments, but only during puberty, you don’t want him to miss the window of opportunity.

I wouldnt tell him, Id let him find the information. Im not sure how you would do this either… maybe leave the Thunders forum minimized so he can find it? Or print out some stuff and leave it out in the open?

I dont have any kids, but telling him to his face seems like a bad idea.

In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king.

Leaving open thunders will make him think his dad has a small dick, and therefore he will be doomed with a small dick genetically. Let him grow up to about 20 years old, and then MAYBE bring it up.

If I had know about PE when I was perhaps 16, I would have done it as I always had a problem with my size in high school gym when it came time to hit the showers.

Although I had a hard time with turtle dick in the showers, another guy had it worse as he alway got a hard-on.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Ya id just leave him alone, you’d make him feel bad for being small and he’d think he’s not good enough in your eyes on less he’s bigger. If he wants to be bigger I’m sure he will find out PE thru Google some day. Or just log out of your account and leave Thunderspalce site open in your browser and wait for him to find it. Also he’s a little young yet probably has 5 more years to grow.

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A thread 7 years and half old revivished. Has to be a record.


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