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Would you tell your friend?


Why don’t you send him an email link to this site. That might get his attention. Actually, maybe it would be a good way to spread the word…if members could anonymously send an email link to prospective new members without actually disclosing their identities.

I spent a lot of time willing to tell some of my friends about PE but never had the guts or i dont know the idea of how to start a conversation about it, i mean how do you? The only friend i did tell was because we started talking about some cable channels and a speccial programme about kamasutra or something like that, the thing was that he told me that there they said that if you stretched your penis you may get some improvements. He said “No shit, i tried it for a week and i think its getting bigger”, i said look i know some sites about that i ll give you the links so you can read more about them, and yada yada. He ´s been into PE for like a month or two i think :D

I want to tell other friends but i dont know if im the only one or what but in one hand i want to tell the world about PE but on the other i dont want anyone to know.

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