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Would like to concentrate on girth.

Would like to concentrate on girth.

Hi everyone,

I’m fairly new to PE and I have a couple of questions bothering me. I am fairly satisfied with my length I don’t really feel that I need to gain more than a centimeter, but I would like to increase my girth. Right now I’m around 12.5 cm( 4.9 inches) and ideally I would like to go to 15 cm( 5.9 inches), I am a bit skeptical about it since one inch is a lot to gain but I would still like to give it a shot (I am aware of the effort I have to put in). What advice could you give if I want to largely concentrate on girth (what I could include into the newbie routine)?

The other question that I wanted to ask is wether it is possible to correct a curved penis. Mine is a little bit curved to the left and if it’s possible I would like to straighten it out. I have read about this on this page, but I cannot seem to find that article again.

All help willbe greatly appreciated,

Thanks in advance.

Hi, Welcome to Thunders.
First off you should start with the newbie routine, just to get you dick conditioned for the more advanced exercises.
Newbie Routine
A Quickstart Guide to Manual Exercises
It’s for your safety, an injury is the last thing you want. Also read as much as you can if your serious about this.
As for your second question, it has been done but not by me so I don’t know too much about it, the advanced search is really very good for finding older threads, try curve correction or somethiong along those lines, I’m sure someone else will help here too. It’s an amazing forum
After about 2/ months of the newbie routine you should add more girth based exercises
Girth Routines
Good Luck dude


I am in same category - satisfied with length but not width. I really thin the girth makes one a better partner

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