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Would like to choose one: bathmate or jelqing


Originally it seemed like jelqing would be a lot of work, while with the bathmate you just put it on and forget about it, then take it off. That’s why I originally got the bathmate.

But now I’m convinced that jelqing will produce the most results, so the little bit of extra effort will be worth it.

To be honest, I am very skeptical that the bathmate can produce ANY long-term results by itself.

Originally Posted by No-pain-no-Gian
Don’t forget at least five minutes of warm up and a few warm down

I plan to jelq in the shower. Do you think letting hot water run on my penis for a few minutes a good enough warm-up/warm-down?

It’s ok, you can use a glass (I use a shaker) full of hot water of the shower and put your penis inside pressing to the bone.

….. my bad english…… I hope you understand……

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I’ve only been able to find one person here who said he gained with Bathmate and it seems like he gained almost entirely within the first few weeks of using it and then gained basically nothing after.

Originally Posted by No-pain-no-Gian
It’s ok, you can use a glass (I use a shaker) full of hot water of the shower and put your penis inside pressing to the bone.

.. My bad english.. I hope you understand..

Thanks. I understand you no problem.

I do both, but I think that the bathmate supports the progress from the jelq.. Kinda like a massage after a workout. If you are just getting started jelq is the way to go. I started that way, made gains, tryed almost everything else and went back (years later) to the good ‘ol jelq.

Hi there, I´m also totally new in PE, (sorry for my bad english), but I have a question in the same direction:

I have one bathmate, and I´m thinking of starting some jelqs too, and I´m also into just one exercise+ bathmate, due to limited amount of time.

Is dry jelq with some warmup before, and then after 10 minutes of jelq go over to the bathmate session? Then my penis is very well warmed up, so I think it´s a good idea?

What do you guys say?

I´ve used the bathmate for three weeks now, and I´m satisfied with the results so far..

//Best wishes from Sweden.

Bathmat is bullshit..

I buy it and its garbage

Thank you for your input, but I don´t agree with you, for me it works just fine.

How do you use it?

I´´m started to go in the bathmate flaccid, but I´ll found out that it works better with some erection before, at least 60-70% or so. Then it don´t hurt just as much if you just warm up and put the flaccid dick inside of it.. Like it says in the instructions.

I’ve had a Bath mate for about a year and a half now. I like it a lot. I gained 3/4 to an inch in length in about eight months. Not entirely sure because I don’t trust my initial measurements. I was doing the Newbie Routine during this period but was always lazy with the stretching. I think these gains are the newbie gains that come easily for some at the beginning and were the result of the vacuum pulling my dick away from my body. Lazy man’s stretching.

Girth has been much tougher. I don’t think the Bath mate in and of itself will help much here. I’ve gained a cemented 1/4 inch that I attribute to Jelq.

I think a combo routine of Jelqing first and then using the Bath mate to help maintain expansion is a good option. It’s what I’m trying right now anyway. I’ve been PEing for about two years and don’t profess to be a Vet or anything but I would strongly recommend manual exercises first just to get to know your dick . It’s very easy to toughen the unit making future gains more difficult.


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