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>Do I have a high LOT (theoretically quick gains) or a low one (delayed gratification)?<

The latter. Dont be worried about that, it is better to know what you need to do now than to try a routine blindly and find out 4 months later you were wasing your time, isnt it?


Yeah I guess. I’m more into girth though, the length can come later.

Thought it was a simple question when I started!!!

Good news is after continued jelqing & PC exercises, I now have a lot of 12!!

Guess that I should continue to stretch at 12 in order to give the tunica a bit of a workout - is that right?

If so, am gonna continue with wet jelq’s (time restrictions permitting as I don’t feel it’s worthwhile until I can get at least 350 2-3 second jelq’s done..), PC exercises, and 12 o’clock stretches with the odd 6 o’clock stretch thrown in to give the ligs a bit of a workout for good measure.

Does this sound worthwhile? All comments & feedback welcome, specially from the pro’s….

Cheers guys


So you finally have an LOT? With a very high LOT, 12:00 you should be solely working your ligs. Hanging or stretching at the lower angles. Of course, all angles are lower than your LOT right now. But even straight out stretches, working toward straight down would be great.

You should be a really good study for the LOT theory. With a very high LOT, you should have great gains potential from stretching the ligs at lower angles.


Thanks Bib

What can I say? Plenty of encouragement to be had from your words!!!

Strangely enough, any stretches I’ve done up to now have been mostly either straight out or straight down - just seems to be more comfortable that way!

Had a jelq session earlier ( after my earlier post ) - did 400 & finally realised that anything above 300 (this is when a mild, pleasant burning sensation can be felt along the length but more so nearer the glans - I guess this is the tunica stretch kicking in) seems to be more beneficial. Can anyone recommend anything to get me to this stage without having to endure the first 300 jelq’s?

Have tried stretching over & under using a can of hairspray - not very comfortable & difficult to maintain. The most comfortable method still seems to be the overhand A-stretch using the other wrist.

Finally, have yet to put together the definitive routine that offers the maximum growth for me personally. Getting a lot of benefit from everyone else’s posts and am mix’n’match-ing to find the best.

What I really want is maximum gain in length & girth in both flaccid & erect states. What do you reckon guys?

Ok let me get this right. When I stretch penis upward and kegal i see a huge tugback. Assuming that is 12:00 and dropping by hours I start to see very little tugback at 8:00.. 7:00 is less but is barely visable. 6:00 you literally have to strain eyes to tell that it barely tugs back. Is my lot 6:00 or a weak 8:00?
Second question, how would this lot affect hanging?

Thanks guys


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