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Worth stretching a low LOT

Worth stretching a low LOT

Just checked my LOT, think I did it right, but I can visually see a tiny pullback right down to 6 (though from about 7:30 it’s pretty minimal) which is strange because I’ve never done any stretching before. So does this mean I should not bother much with stretching? Cos I was considering starting hanging with weights but maybe this is a waste of time and I should just concentrate on jelqing for girth? Only I was hoping to gain an inch in length so is there another way to gain this??

Bah, feeling a little disheartened at this!

Can you grab the lig bundle in the base and pull on it?

Originally Posted by Mr. Nine
Can you grab the lig bundle in the base and pull on it?

Sorry, dunno what that is? Is there a pic anywhere of this?

Don’t worry about LOT now. Do the Newbie routine, including stretching and jelqing for at least six weeks. You should see some kind of improvement in that amount of time.



You can make length gains with a low LOT. I would start with the newbie routine, as Westla said.

If you want to modify that routine, you can also stretch upwards to hit the tunica more.

As you do the newbie routine you’ll get more acquainted with the peculiarities of your member. Meanwhile read up and you will identify more and more over time.

regards, mgus

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