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Worrying feeling. Help if possible

Worrying feeling. Help if possible

Hi lads, I have a bit of a worry on my hands that I thought somone might be able to help me with.

First of all I’ve been doing PE for about 3 weeks now and last week probably experienced the best sex I’ve had with my. So thanks to everyone who contributes to this forum because it has come at a time where both of us have been under alot of stress from other things in our life and has made a huge difference
I will definitely say I’m still a sceptic BUT I will say even if I don’t see any major gains, I am very happy with the strength and health of my erections.

The problem I have at the moment is I’m doing comparitively light exercises, mainly stretching and jelqing which I’ve found, as I mentioned, has already strengthened my erections. It has also on most days slightly increased my flaccid size, which is the sole reason why I started PE in the first place. However on some days, my flaccid size decreases and it seems to me I get less blood flow there. Usually the day after I do PE but for the past 2 days it’s been like this. I’m definitely am a grower that goes from 4”x4” to 7”x4.75” (with low LOT if that helps).however when I’m flaccid my penis is very soft, as in when wearing underwear almost completely compresses if you know what I mean. I’m worried that PE is decreasing bloodflow to my penis in flaccid state. Is this just mild fatigue?

I wish I had a better way of explaining this, but does anyone else experience this? I’m also worried that I won’t gain much girth wise as my penis is very soft when flaccid, seems theres not enough to work with so to speak.

Thanks for any help guys, appreciate it always.

Originally Posted by 7x5bloke
… However on some days, my flaccid size decreases and it seems to me I get less blood flow there. Usually the day after I do PE but for the past 2 days it’s been like this…. Is this just mild fatigue?


The flaccid size decrease that you sometimes experience is not uncommon when starting out PE’ing. It’s just your dick reacting to the new stresses it’s experiencing, retracting temporarily and then returning to normal. It gets better as time goes on. As you increase the intensity of your routines over time, you can expect some of these retraction days. It’s all part of the process. You can do some brief light jelqing for more stimulation on those days when you feel there’s less blood flow happening. Good luck.


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I think Westla has answered similar questions in other threads, but as I recall contraction after a workout is nothing unusual. I’ve seen my flaccid grow on a permanent basis over time, so short-term turtling is not to be worried about. You might want to look into “HTW - is it a wrap” and traction wrapping, PE weights, bed fowfers etc to keep it stretched when you are not pulling on it.

Your second question I don’t quite get - explain a little more.

regards, mgus

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Thanks guys, I had a feeling that it was normal just wanted others experiences to compare.

My second question was that of girth, in that I notice when compared to other blokes I notice my penis when flaccid is alot softer so to speak. As I said when wearing underwear you can hardly see it. Quite comical actually as when I’m naked theres no problem.
Girlfriend finds it amusing some nights when going to bed I might be hanging around 5”x4” and others 3”x not worth mentioning”!! Don’t know whether to hug her or slap her when she’s says ‘so it’s a swinging night?’ Women, gotta love em!

I find when sitting down I almost fully contract and takes a while standing for some size to come back. Hopefully somone else experiences this to better explain what I mean! I just can’t see how gains can be made.

I encounter that same thing, even for days after a serious jelq session, my penis is smaller & feels kinda hard inside (even while flaccid).

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