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I have been doing the newbie routine for a couple of weeks now and I have noticed a few very small red spots appearing mainly around the head should I be worried about this or are they normal?

From what I understand and have read here, this is a normal occurrence. Keep an eye on them, you should be fine.

Guys, any other comments?

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Normal for newbies. They usually go away overnight and eventually stop showing up as your penis gets conditioned to the new exercises.

I had a total of maybe 3 of them at different times. I’m doing a more rigorous workout now and haven’t had any for maybe a month. They all went away in a day or two.

It’s understandable to be a little worried, but newbie spots aren’t the kind of thing that will make it stop working or fall off. I would take them as an indicator that you’re working out to just about the maximum you can safely tolerate right now. If you keep getting more of them, you might want to cut back just a little.

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Thanks everyone I feel better now I know it’s not going to drop off

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