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Worried I might have a serious problem

Worried I might have a serious problem

I’ve been doing PE for about a month with good results a few days ago I did a session and I noticed it was swollen and tender I wasn’t too worried about it until I was hard and flaccid and it shrunk in size I’ve been light stretching it and it is sore under the head on the bottom the right side and at the base It feels dead I can still get hard but my head doesn’t swell I know I overworked it and I’ve been hot wrapping it and light stretches and massaging the hard flaccids went away but could this be permenant and what should I do that will benefit my penis to recover and when should I start back up

I hope should I still kegel to increase blood flow or just leave it alone?

Also when it starts to get hard the middle doesn’t the bottom and top will until I shake the blood flow into it

Leave it alone.

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Thank you I noticed its not hard or sore anymore only a little limp and when I got up this morning I noticed it looked lime there was a little rubber band in the middle of it Idk what that’s from and I noticed Its a little harder to pee and its a weaker stream

Physical injury to the penis takes a while to heal.

You’ll be fine.

When we begin PE we become hypersensitive to minor changes.

Especially injuries.

Welcome to PE.

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